I had a fun idea for a new champ, check it out:

Name: Ike [short for Ikarus]
Role: Flank
Health: 1850

Ike grew up as the son of the master mechanic himself, Barik. For as long as he can remember, he's seen his father tinker in the workplace day and night. Through observation he learned a little tinkering himself, but not like his father can do. However, he does not use his inventions for the greater good, on the contrary. He uses his Fast-Inflating-Greater-Hero-Targeting Balloons (a.k.a F.I.G.H.T. Balloons) for mischief.

His father taught him much about the Paladins realm, about the Magistrate and the Paladins. Young Ike used to love to listen to those stories. But now, it is time for him to join the fight himself, and write his own story.

Character Design:
- Literally a mix of Talus and Barik

Semi Automatic Shuriken Dispenser [Left Mouse Button] As one of Ike's first inventions, he created the Semi Automatic Shuriken Dispenser. His dad did not so much approve of this invention
- Deals 600 dmg
- Fire rate at 1.1s
- Can pop FIGHT balloons (on the Q ability)
- Shuriken have dropoff (comparable to Maeve's knives)
- Magazine size: 6 shots
- Reload time: 1.4s

Her Excellency's Life Protector [H.E.L.P.][Right Mouse Button]
Ike's father, Barik, once got ordered to make a device that can protect the life of her excellency, Lian. But before he could finish the device, he had a falling out with the Magistrate's superiors, he took the device and gave it to his son.
When using the device, a temporary shield made of metal covers Ike, granting CC immunity for 3 seconds and 50% reduced damage. The cooldown of this skill is 13 seconds.

Lift [F Ability]
Ike uses one of his F.I.G.H.T. Balloons to take off (in a 45 degree angle upward). While using Lift, he can control the direction of the Balloon. Flying with Lift lasts for 6 seconds. Ike can decide to jump off early by pressing spacebar.
The cooldown on Lift is 6s.

Fast-Inflating-Greater-Hero-Targeting Balloons [F.I.G.H.T. Balloons][Q Ability]
Ah.. F.I.G.H.T. Balloons.. One of Ike's greater inventions. These balloons are strapped onto an enemy's waist and inflate extremely fast. The enemy then rises up for 3 seconds (no levitation like Jenos' void grip, but actually rising upward). While rising upwards, the enemy is crippled, so cannot use movement skills. If enemies hit the balloon for over 1700hp, the balloon pops and the enemy drops down. After 3s, the enemy drops down aswell. When the enemy drops down, they take 350 dmg. Ike is able to shoot while an enemy is struck by the F.I.G.H.T. Balloon. The cooldown is 9s.

BOMBS! BOMBS! BOMBS! [Ultimate (E)]
Ike charges for 2 seconds, blowing up 4 F.I.G.H.T. Balloons which quickly levitate him into his AIRBALLOON. The Airballoon moves slowly forward (into the direction Ike was facing) and cannot be controlled. In this airballoon, he has the ability to drop 6 bombs in 10 seconds, each bomb dealing 650 damage. While Ike is airborn, he is damage immune. However, his airballoon can be shot down. His airballoon has 2500 HP. When shot down, Ike's ultimate is cancelled and Ike and the airballoon will crash. The airballoon will deal 1000 damage on crash, and Ike will be stunned for 3 seconds. If Ike manages to throw all 6 bombs, the airballoon flies off and he lands gracefully.

Pilot's Experience
Ike now has the ability to steer the airballoon while using his ult and the airballoon now has 1000 HP extra. In addition, the ultimate charges 30% faster. (Morale boost 3)

Perfect Landing
If Ike manages to land on top of an enemy after using Lift [F], the enemy is stunned for 1.5s. Lift's cooldown is reduced by 2.5s.

If an enemy rises over x units, they will get vertigo and lose controll over their character untill 1s after landing on the ground.

A Friend Indeed
Ike's H.E.L.P. [RMB] now provides a shield to all allies in a x unit radius. In addition, Ike's fire rate is increased by 30% for the entire duration.

So that's Ike. I really feel we could have a champ that does not necessarily deals a lot of damage, but can pick off enemy players easily by using his FIGHT balloons. This champ is more valuable through CC than damage I think. Besides that, I really think the balance in the skills could be cool. For instance, the Ultimate, where you can get stunned if you stay too long in your airballoon, but deal more damage if you stay a bit longer. It generates interesting scenario's in my opinion.

I've already crafted some card idea's for him:

Lift [f]
- Flying speed increased by x%
- Reduced cooldown on Lift by x seconds.
- Fly longer by x seconds
- Landing near an enemy reveals him to your entire team for x seconds

F.I.G.H.T. Balloons [Q]
- Hitting an enemy with the F.I.G.H.T. Balloon reduces the cooldown on Lift by x seconds.
- F.I.G.H.T. Balloons' cooldown is reduced by x seconds.
- Hitting an enemy with the F.I.G.H.T. Balloon generates x Ammo
- Reload x% faster while an enemy is affected by F.I.G.H.T. Balloons

Her Excellency's Life Protector [H.E.L.P.][Right Mouse Button]
- H.E.L.P.'s duration is increased by x seconds
- H.E.L.P.'s cooldown is reduced by x seconds
- H.E.L.P. generates x ammo over the entire duration
- H.E.L.P.'s damage reduction is increased by x%

Semi Automatic Shuriken Dispenser [Left Mouse Button]
- Gain x base HP
- Reload x% faster
- Eliminations reduce all active cooldowns by x%
- Reload x% faster

Lemme know what y'all think!!
Love, Rowdie