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Thread: A Vivian buff proposal that could make her viable.

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    Lightbulb A Vivian buff proposal that could make her viable.

    TL;DR: Like Kinessa, Vivian could throw up to 2/3 sensor drones that only reveal to her.


    I have played Vivian for a while now (level 11), not at high ranks because I suck but I think I have a general idea of her role:
    Compared to Viktor who is a more mobile constant damage dealer and Tyra who has the most offensive options, Vivian is probably the best backline champion there is. She doesn't excel at being offensive (fragile, no mobility, easy to aim at, weak shield, useless when the fire is concentrated at you) but she can mean trouble if she stays in the back without anybody focusing her as she can aid fights by dealing the extra damage required to finish the enemy. Her two abilities facilitate her in this role: her sensor drones help her spot hidden enemies and prepare for upcoming flankers while her shield aids her in 1vs1 or just surviving a tad longer if she has to escape.

    The thing is, while I feel like her kit is OK, the sensor drones are lacking. Judging from her trailer, the Nowhere to Hide card artwork and her line "I have eyes everywhere", it's like something is missing. It feels like the simple change the devs could give to her is increase the amount of Sensor Drones Vivian can deploy and give the ability multiple charges. (either 2 or 3, I'm not sure honestly). With such Vivian would be able to cover more area with her reveal and let her have the upper hand more easily. This means she could be more fun to play since you can foresee enemies unlike most champions.

    Considering how many say Vivian is easy to take down, this wouldn't give her a movement ability but it would make it easier for her to be prepared for surprise attacks and react to threats faster so that she can either get to safety earlier or prepare her counterattack. Not to mention it would fit her character, considering how she has risen the ranks of the Magistrate thanks to her scheming (her sensor drones would help her out in making plans since you have more information of what is going on). I also believe the change could make her more suitable for offense (she can prepare her attacks) but I'm not sure about it.

    Let's also mention how in the game there are only a few champions who can reveal without having to hit the enemy first (like Jenos if he has the Sidereal card):
    • Cassie, but it's an ultimate that takes too long to charge
    • Strix, the most reliable only if the appropriate legendary card is used.
    • Vivian, possessing the shortest cooldown and having an infinite duration but currently still meh. With this change she would be the most reliable in terms of reveals

    It's also worth mentioning that it would make Booby Trap and Suspect Everyone more viable as legendary cards, giving her more options to play with.

    Now I'm not sure because I never had the chance to test it but if the Sensor Drones currently reveal enemies to everyone another change I'd propose is to limit the reveal to Vivian herself so at least the sensor drones don't become a better Cassie Ult. Also it differentiates from Strix Flare who can be used from the entire team.

    Another thing I was thinking of is how this would've impacted the others: since she would be able to reveal more easily, it'd mean it would be harder to kill her and thus less fun to fight against. It's probably not a problem though? Strix is more annoying as he can reveal you, stay at long range and still deal tons of damage. Vivian takes time to kill and surely does not one shot plus her weapon is effective up to medium range so a flanker could have more time to get back to safety if things go wrong. It also would force characters to be more aware of Sensor Drones and be more careful when a Vivian is around.

    These are my thoughts at least. I'm not extremely sure if they are good or they make 0 sense but I hope the idea is appreciated.

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    Vivian actually can:
    1. Be ridiculously tanky
    2. Run around really fast
    also both at once
    The issue in my opinion is that she is a boring champion to play and playing barik's turret with some occasional repositioning just isn't fun
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