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Thread: Paladins for Nintendo Switch

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    Question Paladins for Nintendo Switch

    I have a doubt. Those who already have / bought the Paladins founder pack must previously buy it back in the Nintendo eShop to play Paladins? Or is there some way to link accounts and get a code or something like this?

    It seems silly and unfair to me if you have to buy this package in the eShop already having one.

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    What if Paladins was available for six systems? Would it be fair to the Developer if you made a one-time purchase of the Founder's Pack that was automatically available for all of your systems? And what if a couple of those systems were for friends and family so that they didn't need to buy anything?

    Paladins is a free game. Even with buying two Founder's Packs, it's still cheaper than the price of one average game. Besides, we do not have to buy it. We can earn all Champions within time by simply playing the game. And if we play everyday for fun, it shouldn't take too long.
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    I agree with Nest. If I've alrdy purchased stuff for the game then It should be there for me no matter the system I play on. Cross progression! It's consumer friendly and will encourage people to spend more money. Not to mention, it will encourage people to play their game more.

    If my kids and I are playing on xbox and then we go on vacation we should be able to just take our Switches and play while relaxing on any downtime. Instead, we will take our Switches and play a game that does have cross progression.

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    Sure there are ways to make money, look at fortnite - purchases are crossplayed. If I buy a skin on PC, I can use that same skin on switch. Same with the battlepass. Paladins should be the same way.

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    OK - I have some questions for those who've already played the Switch version or will be today, rather than start a new thread I'll pop them here.

    I should mention I'm a total nub to Switch.

    Is there an option to link our Hi-Rez accounts to the Switch version of the game?

    If so, will we get the "linked account" rewards (such as Ying's Twitch mirror etc)?

    ^^ I ask this because when I linked my accounts before, I got these rewards on all 3 versions of the game I played.

    With the game being cross-platform how does the social features work? For example is there an in-game friends list like there is on PC?

    ^^ I ask this because the PS4 version (and if I remember correctly the Xbox version, though I only played that one a little) relies on the system's friend list.

    Thanks in advance.

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    No , you need to buy it to have access to any option if you want to link an account , i dont buy it , but you can’t link your account ... soo
    I think you have to give your paladins and nintendo account to the HiRez or to nintendo assist mail !
    I don’t know why HiRez decided to bring you buy it !
    Is not good, ok , you need to give you back your money you use to transfer it to another device and also make crossplay , but , if you sold it for free, more interested people buy some DLC to have some , skin or icon and all customize things !
    Try to send some E-Mail to each of them !

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    Just because it’s a F2P game doesn’t mean it’s free from criticism over greedy business practices.

    Your account purchases and unlocks absolutely should carry over, as they should be account bound.

    Look at something as simple as Hearthstone. The devs could’ve easily made mobile and PC separate ‘accounts’ and fucked the players. But they didn’t. I can think of three obvious reasons why:

    A. Added grind doesn’t add to player enjoyment, nor boost engagement.

    B. It doesn’t encourage added purchases, as the majority of consumers aren’t idiots and will choose one account to F2P and one to purchase skins and battle passes on. Assuming otherwise is an insult to the majority of your players.

    C. It reflects poorly on your business practices. In an oversaturated market of F2P games, the ones that stand out to consumers are those that have high ease of access and are notably streamlined. Breaking your gameplay experience between two entirely separate accounts accomplishes neither, and detracts from both.

    Now I don’t think HiRez is attempting to accomplish any of those points, but in stating there will be no further account copying onto XB1 or PS4, they’re certainly moving in that direction.

    As for the idea of potential account sharing, it’s a banable offense in most F2P games, wouldn’t be surprised if HiRez is already monitoring that just between similar consoles / PCs.

    I’m holding out hope there’s just some miscommunication, and in the future, HiRez reasses their priorities.

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