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Thread: Androxus tweaks lead to balance.

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    Androxus tweaks lead to balance.

    Cards system changes :

    Sleight of hands :
    Reduce its cooldown from 5s to 2s , ( maybe it should be 3s , It shouldn't be 5s cd).

    FeatherWeight :
    Rework it to one of these suggestions ( It for sure need to be reworked and one of these suggestions can be a solution ).
    1- Heal for 40 health every second when you out combat per level ( becuase he have very low survivability ).
    2- Heal for 40 health every second when level while using drift.
    3- Gain 5% damage reduction for 3 seconds after using drift with cooldown 10s per level.
    4- Increase movement speed while he out of combat 8% per level.
    5- Increase movement speed 4% per level.
    6- Increase maximum hp 50 per level.

    Skills changes :

    Reversal :
    1- Reversal now absorb the hits from right and left.
    2- Increase projctile speed 20%.

    Nether step :
    Increase time after dash before going on cd 1s.

    Reasons :
    Sleight of hands : 5s cooldown is too high and don't help at all when enemy come with full hp and attack you while u reloading ammo , He have huge problem when enemy catch him while he reloading speed even if he is on mobility ( using dashes ) , beside cosider he have only 8 ammo ( with HwR lc ) and he only effective from close with recoil and missing shoots .

    FeatherWeight : damage reduction while you steady in air is not make anysense and ridiculous , Cards DR supposed to protect him from damage not make him steady so all can shoot him easly and free headshots at least while he move he can avoid some shoots and avoid some headshots to normal shots.

    Reversal : Known issue

    Nether step : He have very low survivability and he need a tweak on it ( he should have low survivability because he have very good damage , but not that much low ) , He have one skill that protect him , Known on him "catch him after nether step consider him dead because he out mobility" so make this mobility time end quickly big mistake , Nether step used to be more time after dash but it reduced greatly it was a very huge reduce time ( it needed reduce but not that much ) .
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