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Thread: Mr. Mal'Damba show his other faces

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    Lightbulb Mr. Mal'Damba show his other faces

    Mal'Damba is a realy intersting supporter, many players' favorite one. It's not suprising: he has got two healer and cc skills too, distributed healing... But his balance not so good yet: His only useful kit is the Spirit's Chosen talent with high level Eerie Presence card. We all know it. He also has got very intresting other talents, but these need so hard buffs. Here are my deliberated ideas about his talents, cards and skills:

    Skill balance:

    1st: Reduce Slither's cd from 8s to 6s.
    His escape ability is still one of the worst of the Supports': close range, low defending duration, cannot turn. The bonus 20% distance from ob68 reduced this problem a little. His Slither cards was rarely used too, bacause Damba coulden't use Slither so often. After this buff these all things will resolve.


    Damba players use the Spirit's Chosen Talent almost always. This is the best talent for him yet, you can check this on statistics. There are some damage Damba, whom uses the new Talent: Wekono's Curse. This is the best dmg Talent for him, we know. But also much less often used than Spirit's Chosen. I would like to balance all of him Talents to the same power level.

    2nd: Ripened Gourd: Hitting enemies with Gourd (it means that the targets are standing in its appearing area, or direct hit by Gourd) stuns them for 1s and now slows enemies in the area for 40%.
    It's a realy fun Talent, but enemies can escape from it so quickly. So it isn't effective and rarely used too. With the new stun it will be certainly useful: an other face of Wekono's Chosen.

    3rd: Wekono's Wrath: Snake Toss deals an additional 500 damage and resets the cd of Slither when successfuly stuns(!) an enemy.
    This is a very rarely used one too, wasn't the best pick for Damba. This needed a hard buff. This will give so much fun!

    4th: Wekono's Curse: The dmg is over 2.5s instead of 2s.
    This recieved just a low buff, because it wasn't bad before too, but not as good as the Spirit's Chosen.

    Card balances:

    5th: Increase the Venomous Gourd card's heal reducing from 10%/lvl to 15%/lvl.
    This card is almost useless, because other allies Cauterize item's reducing is higher and suppresses this card's bonus. This coulden't effects to more then one enemy most of the time even Gourd is an area skill.

    6th: Eerie Presence card's cd reducing should be reduced from 0.5s/lvl to 0.3s/lvl.
    This card makes his Mending spirit healing like an auto aim skill: he can try again immediatly when he misses. This is him most used card, everybody know that this is OP yet.

    7th: Increase the Liminal Passage's distance bonus from 10% to 15% per level.
    It's bonus is marginal campare with Seris' Dark Whisper card, what also increases the distance of the F skill. Its basic range is so low, so this needs a higher scale.

    8th: Lighter Gourd: Gourd gains {20|20}% projectile speed instead of {10|10}%.
    This card can be useful only with Ripened Gourd, but not so much with it too.
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