Faceless - The Untouchable

Role Support
Health 2200
Speed 375
Weapon Arm Cannon


Faceless is one of the heads of the Magistrate and he reached his rank by the worst way... According to people he was a investigator of crystals he made a suit with the capacity to grants the eternal life for the one who uses it, one night he was transporting his suit to the Magistrate Headquarters this could define the victory in the war but the Resistance could avoid this destroying his transport and leaving him about to die with his destroyed body, but he could equip the suit and survive... The suit changed his brain affecting him and becoming him a killer.

He wanting revenge became an relentless killer without mercy, he ascended to high levels in the Magistrate, he is one of the greatest fears of the Resistance nobody of the Resistance's soldiers could hurt him being the Untouchable nightmare without Face.


-His suit is full of red crystals
-The suit has healed his body, but he doesn't want take off the suit because he feel it like his body


LMB Blaster: Every 1 seconds Faceless will shot with his Arm Cannon an energy ball that deals 600 of damage - His projectile speed is the same that Ash
6 ammo 1 second Reload

RMB Disabling Bomb: Faceless shot an projectile that explode at the contact dealing 200 of damage knocking back enemies and Crippling by 1.1 seconds
6 seconds Cooldown

Q Energy Rain: Faceless will expel energy healing 260 in area every 0.25 seconds - It grants you 25% dmg reduction and CC immunity during it - The Cooldown beings the skilsl ends
9 seconds Cooldown

F Cooling: Faceless will rest gaining 1600 shield by 2 seconds and expelling energy that heals nearby allies by 200 instantly and 20 every 0.2 seconds during it duration - This healing isn't affected by cauterize - You cannot move or attack during this skill
10 seconds Cooldown

E Overcharged: You will prepare your Arm Cannon by 1 second accumulating energy to fires a beam that deals 160 of dmg every 0.1 seconds by 2.5 seconds - You gain an shield with 2200 health and CC immunity during it - You cannot move or attack during it


1) Pure Energy: Energy Rain and Cooling instantly grants shields to allies based on the 50% of the total healing

2) Rage: Your Disabling Bomb now deals 200% more damage and affected enemies will receive 15% more damage from you and your allies by 2.5 seconds

3) Defensive Mechanism: Enemies that hit you during Cooling will receive the 50% of the damage dealt receiving and stun for 0.85 seconds

4) Revitalization: Allies affected by Energy Rain gain 25% speed movement and deals 20% more damage for 2.5 seconds