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Thread: Official Off-Topic Thread.

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    You sure it was a ghost?
    I'm the main Pip main on these forums...., okay, second one... , FINE, third...

    Somehow got 200k healing as Pip. Wasn't tryharding that much, just had an adrenaline rush..

    "I belive you can fly with any Champion, even if it means jumping off the map."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tallamueu View Post
    Good luck with your ambitions. Only can get busier from here with what you pre-occupy yourself with.

    ps. Start with one channel instead of three and work from there. (lol)
    Thank you! I need to tackle this as much as possible to make this place fully replaceable. I also learned today that when I reach brown belt on wing chun I'll be able to start my own class, which shall happen at the end of next year.
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    Quote Originally Posted by alphadragon2 View Post
    You sure it was a ghost?
    i never hear anything like blue ghost
    (っ◔◡◔)っ Evie, ^~^ Ying, :3 Willo, ☠o☠ androxus
    would like to know your opinion about my idea check it out

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