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Thread: Add Non Human characters too Like Pip in Realm royale

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    Add Non Human characters too Like Pip in Realm royale

    I was wondering if you can add non-humanoid characters like pip or droggoz
    furry and scaly characters, I mean not only humans

    because all "Battle Royale" games does not implement the concept of fantasy, for example, in Realm Royale you have a class that can use magic and skills
    you can make fantasy characters too
    I think it would be more original than any Battle Royale
    also in most of your games there are non-human characters

    at least add many non-human skins

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    Non-human skins i'm for it. Non-human characters i'm not.

    You imagine Drogoz or like Terminus landing and opening chest etc, bad idea.

    Maybe a Zhin, Inara or even skye or cassie skin, that'd be kinda good.

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