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Thread: Hitori Kakurembo - The Queen of Knives

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    Hitori Kakurembo - The Queen of Knives

    After a lot of months without post nothing, i post something :v
    I forgot completly my champs concepts and after a time i feel inspired to make a champ concept (Probably none of those who read this know of what im talking but Nah)

    Hitori Kakurembo The Queen of Knives

    Role Flank
    Health 2100
    Speed 385
    Weapon Knives


    Hitori Kakurembo is an ancient spirit full of Madness and an Master in the art of kill, but she doesn't have been always an spirit, according to the stories there was a young girl that used to live an village, one day this village was attacked and burned by bandits. She tried to escape of them but she was catched they locked her and tortured her by many months the only thing that she could eat were Centipedes... She became crazy and her hair turned totally white... One night she was stabbed in the neck, while she was about to die she seen an hooded woman that offered her the chance to avenge her family and her village but with the cost... Of lose her humanity, she dying accepted and she became an powerful spirit.

    After kill all those who made her suffer she fell into the abyss forced to serve to who gave her her powers, Seris... Hitori refused this and she confronted her escaping out of the Abyss, people talked about that girl who became an spirit, with the time she became a myth. Someone unknowed learned the way to summon this spirit but this just caused his death, some people started to summon her thinking that would be a game, that would be funny but that just made them die...


    -She has a Knive for every death at her hands
    -She can bring out many ''Giants Centipedes'' from her back (like Kaneki of Tokyo Ghoul)
    -Her Knives can float, She can sumon them
    -Her Centipedes are an representation of her Madness


    LLMB Knives: Every 0.6 You will throw an Knive that deals 425 of dmg - Has gravity
    8 ammo - 1.1 Reload

    RMB Obsessive: You will throw two knives each one dealing 380 of dmg - If you hit the two knives it will slow the enemy by 30% for 1 second
    6 seconds Cooldown

    Q Blood Desire: You will bring out 2 Centipedes in 0.45 seconds from your back - They will attack where are you aiming dealing 850 of dmg - Medium/Short Range
    12 seconds Cooldown

    F Paranoid: In 0.1 seconds you will Bring out 3 Centipedes which make you move quickly where are you moving - You are untargetable during it - Last 0.4-0.6 seconds - Medium/High Distance
    8 seconds Cooldown

    E Madness: You will send tons of Knives to an selected enemy dealing the 90% of the enemy Maximum Life in 1.2 seconds - The enemy won't be able to move and will be stunned for 1.5 second


    1) Pain: Hitting your 2 Knives with Obsessive will Stun the enemy for 1 second and your first two Knives after it will deal him 10% more dmg

    2) Torture: Hitting Blood Desire your Centipedes will grab him for 1 second dealing him the 5% of his Maximum Life every 0.25 seconds - It's affected by Resilience - You can't use other abilities during it

    3) Losing Sanity: You gain 50% more attack speed after 1 second of use Paranoid and now Paranoid regains 4 ammo

    4) Panophobia: Paranoid has two charges and grants you 25% of speed after 1.5 of use it

    -Maybe if you have seen Tokyo Ghoul you would think that is inspired by Kaneki, this concept is based in the real ritual of Hitori Kakurembo
    -Panophobia is ''The fear to all''



    -Increase the speed of your Knives by (10%/10%) and hasn't gravity

    -Increase your Movement Speed by (15%/15%) for 3 seconds when you drop below the 40% of your Maximum Life

    -Hitting an enemy reduce your active Cooldowns by (0.2/0.2) seconds

    -Hitting an enemy increase your Movement Speed by (2.5/2.5) for 1 second


    -Hitting your 2 Knives grants you (10%/10%) of Movement Speed for 3.5 seconds

    -Activating it regains (1/1) of ammo

    -Killing an enemy with it reduce your active Cooldowns by (10%/10%)

    -Hitting the 2 Knives reduce its Cooldown by (0.5/0.5)

    Blood Desire

    -If you kill an enemy within (1/1) seconds after by hitted by Blood Desire resets Paranoid Cooldown

    -Blood Desire reduce the healing of the affected enemy by (15%/15%) for 2 seconds

    -Killing an enemy with Blood Desire you will heal yourself by the (10%/10%) of your Maximum Life

    -Reduce its Cooldown by (0.6/0.6) seconds


    -It heals you by (50/50)

    -Reduce its Cooldown by (0.4/0.4) seconds

    -Increase the Distance by (8%/8%)

    -It knockback enemies hitted by (200/200)
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