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Well to be honest Solar Blessing does need a nerf be it a slight nerf or whatever. Objectively it just heals for way too much. Other than I think she is fine though I do get irritated because of her stun especially when half the time the beam is invisible to me so I can't even dodge and just get stunned out of nowhere
As said for the stun card, if there's a bug, the bug must be fixed, it has nothing to do with being OP.
Instead, I've found myself neglecting Solar Blessing for Cherish. With Solar Blessing, Furia can reach higher heals levels, as Damba or Seris. Without, she simply sets a lower than them, so I would not call OP something that makes you heal as other supports.
The problem is that, without a double tank composition, it's quite useless, plus, half of the time, even with 5 tier in the card to increase radius, allies simply ignore it.
Shall I add the fact it is somehow bugged? You can't get heals from it (that's my experience, if some of you could, please, let me know), but if, during cast time, you accidentally finish in the beam, it will STOP in your position, not going to help allies.
Or it can heal me (I am recognized as a target of the beam), or I can't stop it (I am not recognized as a target of the beam). They should fix this idiocy.