I've made some talent for some champions. But 1 things here is that there's some talent that buffs the Ultimate. It won't be good if only some of the champions have that. So I make some ideas:

Waiting to Die (Androxus)
Accused Arm now has 5 ammo and 10% bigger splash.

Trapped (Barik)
Dome is 10% larger and traps enemy inside.

Sudden Death (Drogoz)
Gain 40% Ultimate charge after you killed the enemy within 2 seconds after Dragon Punch.

Never Die (Fernando)
HP Threshold increased to 2.000 HP and increase the distance to 80 units instead of 70 units.

Surge (Grohk)
Increase it's healing to 800, damage to 500 and increased charge rate by 15%

Plantation (Grover)
Whirlwind won't be affected by Cauterize. But reduce the healing to 1.500/second

Park The Gun (Ruckus)
Increased the damage reduction to 20% and reduce the activation time by 30%. But Ruckus can't move anymore.

That's all for now