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Thread: "Rise of Furia" Event feedback: rewards

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ravielsk View Post
    It may be poorly worded but it still describes a problem with the monetization scheme, especially from the view point of a new player. In other games, events in general have a two fold purpose: to keep the old players invested and to attract new players with shiny new stuff. Thing is that for that to work the event it self cannot up with the words "PAY UP OR GO HOME". To new players this signals that this is a game where unless they spend copious (25 bucks is not a small amount no matter which way you slice it) amount of money, they wont get jack squat. Self evidently this drives them away.

    Further more it just highlights a general problem with the monetization scheme. Since they removed parts and pieces, along with voicepack mixing, each skin adds exactly one option, one look and that is it. Meaning that if I dislike even some parts of the skin I have far less of an incentive to purchase it. Not to mention since everyone is buying the same stuff it literally makes one stand out less, so that aspect of forging ones own look is even lesser with these new skins(especially when they are new). Further more since the default voicepack is now required for all voicepacks, people without founders pack(or copious amounts of spending money) have even less of a reason to purchase these skins as they will be by default locked out of one of its features. In case of this event if one wants the Drogoz skin, they are forced to dish out 25 bucks for three other skins they may have no interest in.

    This style of all or nothing is fundamentally driving people away as most are incapable or unwilling to put such large sums of money for, lets face pretty middle of the road cosmetics. Especially after removal of parts and pieces people have even less of an incentive to buy stuff they are not 100% on board with.

    And as this and many other topics here on the forum prove a solid chunk of the player base is choosing the nothing part. The even as well as the whole game need a more spaced out monetization model, where even smaller investments are possible and actually pay off. I suspect that if this was done the game would see an increase in profits.
    You said it.

    I spent 90$ in Path of Exile MTX (only skins) because this a good monetization scheme. People love this game and devs so much that a lot of players spent like 500$ in it.

    In paladins the monetization is such a shame that I'll never spend a buck in it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pr0j3ct97 View Post
    gameplay aspects monetized?
    Two words voice packs

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    The event itself is boring, the fight is lame because you have no loadouts or standards. The cinematic look like they were rushed and are very poor quality.

    The event store should not require a crystal purchase to be unlocked...i mean just why?

    And new skins should purely be just skins. They should not be changing things like champions' hitboxes or noise levels in skins. The Demonette Maeve skin is quieter than other Maeve skins in her prowl, which makes it easier for her to sneak up on people. That new drogoz skin is maaassssive. Skins should not give players any advantages or disadvantages in the game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KimСhenln View Post
    Two words voice packs
    Voice pack is not a gameplay aspect. It is cosmetic as well.

    However, to me, it's a clear exageration to not let us have it for free too.

    About the event:

    I think that they should consider a free kind of reward too. If the next events are going to be like this, maybe it would be better to just add the new skins for direct purchase without the event thing. Less work for them, and I think that most players would not care. I dont play the event anymore because it is very boring.

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    -1 I agree,

    The thing that bothers me is that you have to buy the stupid skin bundle that is 400 crystals to even purchase the rewards you earn from the event like seriously...

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    I never comment on the thread anymore because the game just isn't what it started out as. But I just finished this event and I'm telling ya what a colossal waste of time and my life. What does jumping on platforms into nothingness have to do with paladins? And then a random deathmatch? And some random angel person? I don't get it they are just clowning least with smite the events are entertaining. This was all over the place.

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    I just got all my event store items, including the skin. And I am done with this event.
    At first I liked it, I liked the concept. But after I realized that most of the time the server selects the champions I LEAST play with, it became very annoying.
    I hate Buck, Lex, Andro and Zhin for a reason, and I don't want to play with them.
    The other annoying thing is that most of the players are 0-10 lvl on the champions the server makes us play, and only one can carry the game with lv 30+...
    On top of that, why do we even have tanks? No TDM is required to have a tank, imo the most important is support, damage and flank.
    Most of the supports are very groggy and useless without talents or cards or items, so being a support is also a very big pain in the butt.
    This is my feedback on the event.

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    If I wanted to jump around on platforms, I'd go play Mario

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    Yeah not a good event.
    As others said - you play for the 2 chests and then never again.

    Locking the shard stuff behind a gateway purchase was not a great idea.
    I get this game is f2p but hey thats a litte bit too much.

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    paladins was such a great game.... now ever more it's nothing but a cash grab, every decent cosmetic costs a lot of money.

    Yes i know its optional, but they made it so that the one that doesn't pay somewhat has to feel plating a "trial game" instead of "full retail"
    they even removed all recolors and the head's n' body swap as an excuse to force the sale for better skins
    And what's worse is that they aren't available for direct purchase, it's always a RNG gamble (makes you spend more money then you would actually need)

    So there's awalys this feeling of being screwed over one or another way, and that the dev doesn't care at all about the community, only $$$$ (yes, we knew that from smite already).

    Like this "special event", that at the end is again nothing but another way to push a comsetics sale, instead of being a fun and interesting thing for everyone, and as a "side quest" you can get some nice cosmetic if you pay.
    Instead of this lame and boring event, just put the damned cosmetics in yet another chest RNG and get it over with.
    #buffgrohk #buffbarik

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