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Thread: FPS Drop Issue

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    MAL OTIMIZADO acabou desce meus fps agora 20 vai si fuder krl ate quando vai arrumar essa porra?? ate quando vai fica assim

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    when ever i use my ult in my game i get frame drops and it only happen when i only use my ult

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    Normally I have solid 150 fps with occasional drops to 120 but now the game averages about 80 fps with drops to 60. At this point that;s actually game breaking for someone who got used to high fps.

    FPS remains high for a short period after launching the game and entering match but shortly afterwards it drops and doesn't recover.
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    Same. Please re-up this. This is not a great feeling. I lose a lot of matches because of fps drops. I have vertical sync on to cap the fps at 60 fps but it just keeps on going higher than 60 fps. Fix the vertical sync setting. Even if the v-sync is on and sometimes it stays at 60, there are skins that just makes the whole match look like not at 60 fps but the counter says it is 60. I use RX460 2GB with a i3-6100. It is more than enough to play that at medium to high at 60 fps. FIX your game!

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    same iam also having terrible fps drops

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    Angry Terrible FPS DROPS in the NEW PALADINS PATCH (3:40 is the prime example)

    in this new patch the fps are dropping like crazy. it stays normal at start but as soon as fight starts the fps keeps on dropping and in heat of fight it goes to 30-40 from 120.
    It really is frustrating. Plz HIREZ FIX THIS (3:40 is the prime example)

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