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Thread: Fernando Card Conecpt

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    Fernando Card Conecpt

    I have over 85 Hours on Fernando (level 52), and since Hi-Rez created the Legendary Card System there was only 2 cards worth using , (The increase Fireball Damage one ,The Shield Reduce Cooldown one)
    after i havent played the game for a while , they came up with a new card the small fireball Flame thrower , and in my opinion , this card is so Sh*t, Because the Default Flamethrower is the best thing Fernando Has, The damage over time is just too good.
    My favorite ability of Fernando is the charge , its your Ticket for out of combat or the push/flank initial ability, what i thought later was that what if they make the damage of the charge buffed from 200 to 1000-800, this will make Fernando have much better push ability , and also better at flanking or solo on point damaging (getting the tanks down). also the Cooldown could be redused or gaining CC immunity during the charge.

    Card name: Launch, Increase the charge damage by 300%-400%, and Gain CC Immunity during Charge or Reduce Charge Cooldown by 2-3 seconds.

    Hopefully i see this dream come true.

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    Not a bad idea, but I'd say leave the cooldown as it is. 300% would be fine because 1000 damage would be a little broken.
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    It sounds like it would be broken. If you're in the LOS of Fernando it's extremely hard to dodge his Charge, and that thing goes through everything, you can't avoid it any way other than staying away or trying to dodge. Also, it hits multiple targets. Maybe, maybe this could work with 300% dmg increase but without the cooldown reduction, as it would be too good in contesting the objective.

    That's my impression of it atleast, but I'd need real experimenting to be able to really tell.
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    As the other 2 people above me have said it would be better with just 300% more damage and no cooldown reduction because of the amount of damage it can deal, I like the CC immunity part tho.
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