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Thread: The Maeve Fix is Simple

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    Suggestion for rework Street Justice more "damage pounce 20% target missing health only from you"
    So missing health from ur team doesn't count to get "increase 20%"
    While i'm playing with maeve normal damages 1200-1800 and sometimes 2000+ ( Out pounce ) , So skill get throw shields and no need to shoot head , and get all that damage i wanna say "WHAT THE FUCK".

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    Maeve doesn't need damage falloff, what she needs ia a good buff in her base kit and a rework/huge nerf in street justice.
    We have a support and (now) a tank who can snipe, a sniper who haves better mobility than half of flanks, a support that in some maps is better than "real" flanks, 2 DD who flank better than most flanks... Can't see the problem with a flank attacking from long distance and it's not easy to aim.
    The real problem here is the anti-tank talent called street justice: one of the works for a flank is to secure kills yeah, but this talent is extremely good for that purpose and I'll prefer if it gets reworked but a huge nerf would be fine too. The buff in her base kit is because she is not even close to be meta without street justice, she is really weak.
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    Yes, this was Hi'Rez's biggest mistake when they decreased the mobility and increased the damage and range of every flank. Well...maybe their biggest mistake was introducing auto-aim, wall-hacks, and 3rd-person to a 1st-person shooter.

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