Paladins was always a game i would like to dive deeper into but my 4000h of playtime on xbox smite and other games like overwatch made me hold..

now i am ready to go full ham on XBOX paladins (EU)!

29, germany, playing quite often, highly talented with meta/math/strategy

I got costum controller settings, all champs, and about 10+ mains of all classes to far.

If you want to join me in my search for a team or help me create a team i would like you to check on following criteria:
- not using default auto aim bs anymore unless you absolutely commited to playing champs that go well with those settings
- know about counterpicking, building against the enemy line up, meta, esports, hirez, etc.
- you should have already played overwatch/smite/similiar ranked and be familiar with mobas etc.
- just know what your doing basicly...

Please message me here or via xbox, gamertag: GeNeReDeR