I am Sppicy of team Partial^, we are currently recruiting and looking for serious team members that want to play as a team and get into the competitive scene. We are a European (EU) team and need anyone that applies to also be European as well as be able to speak clear, fluent English so that communication can flow without any issues. I'm afraid we won't be making any exceptions to this rule.
The current roles we are missing are;
- A support main (Who can play more than just one support, aka, Damba, Jenos and Seris needed),
- a damage/flank player (Must be able to play a good mix of flanks and damages),
- and a tank main (Damage flexible is preferred, obviously, a damage that can tank is fine).
We will be scrimming multiple times a max of 5 days a week and team practise before and after said scrims, our schedule is obviously not set in stone until we have all the members so that we can fit it around everyone.
When applying, please use this format and post in the chat below;

In-Game Name:
Hours in-game:
Role you're applying for:
Champions you specialise in within said role(s):
Highest Competitive rank (Proof increases chances of being accept by a lot):
How easily do you tilt?:
How often are you available to play?:
Any random champions out of your role that you can play? (For example, Support main that can buck, etc):

We ask for your highest rank because it gives us a general idea of your skill level, don't worry, we won't be judge souly off of rank as it is an unreliable way to judge people, but we will be trialling people.
Thanks for reading, hope we see you on the team,