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Thread: All About Paladins Strike!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Suitz View Post
    Would love to know what is happening with:

    - Average queue times being 5 minutes long This is the biggest one...I would definitely spend some coin on this game if I didn't have to wait so long in queue
    - AFK team members
    - Rejoining matches if you are disconnected
    - Chat moderators
    - Report Chat Function
    - Commendations
    - Guild/Clans
    - Different Chats
    Queue times and AFK members are community-based, there's nothing they can do if there aren't people to play.

    Rejoining matches is possible if you close and reopen the game.

    Report chat is redundant. You can already report an user by the end of the match, which includes chat.

    All the other features will be implemented in the future.
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    my only complain about Paladins Strike is if one could lower the settings so low-level phones could handle it without crash-n-close, but probably me and my Xperia S are a minority here X'D.

    Maybe if one can skip the tutorials would be cool. At least i've could cash-in the maeve costume and do the daily logins like i do in Heroes Unleashed.
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