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Thread: Makoko Talent Rework

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    Makoko Talent Rework

    As a Makoa main, I can say that there are very few times when I don't pick Levi.
    It just surpasses the other talents by so far.
    In my opinion, this isn't because it's good, it's because the others are bad. Therefore, I propose a talent rework to give him more than one (or maybe two) viable talents

    Step 1: Combine Pluck and DJL
    Nerf Pluck to maybe 50% and change DJL to if first hit kills
    I feel like Pluck is meant to finish squishies, and DJL is to reward choosing an appropriate target that you/your team can finish. Hopefully combining them should make it viable while also keeping it's intended purpose.

    Step 2: Add a new Talent
    Shell Shield Heals Allies: Obviously we need to blur the lines between classes more.
    I hope this would promote people actually shielding allies instead of putting up shields to protecc themselves 100% of the time.
    Shell Spin Stuns Enemies: Maybe for a second or two, nothing overpowered. Just force people to buy some resil maybe.

    Feedback is appreciated

    Edit: Can a mod move this to Cards Ideas please sorry about that
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    I think the shield talent should stay as is, it's not bad, Leviathan is just too good. It outclasses the shield legendary.

    I'd propose reducing the HP bonus on Leviathan by 300, and adding 300 to the turtle's healthpool. This would make it less of a necessity. Next, I'd change DJL to grant a 60% overall cooldown reduction to increase the overall value to coordinated players, who theoretically hook the appropriate target to ensure a kill.

    I'd also definitely like to use the Shell Spin legendary, if that becomes a thing. Maybe add a cooldown reduction because it is on a 14 second cooldown.
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    Combining DJL and Pluck is not a bad idea at all. The stunning Shell spin though, I think it's too fast to be a stunning skill, and combined with the hook it would practically secure a kill. Maybe some talent that increases shell spin damage to 500 and you can control the movement as in Paladins Strike.

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