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Thread: Renner, the Double Agent-Spying support

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    Renner, the Double Agent-Spying support


    LMB: Pocket Shot: A small revolver that deals 380 damage every 0.5 seconds. It contains 6 ammo. The first enemy shot with each clip will not be able to see you until you reload.

    RMB: Lie Low: Shift into a spying phase. While your quarry (the enemy marked with LMB) is in line of sight, gain 10 Intel every 0.2 seconds. Breaking Lie Low with LMB will cause you to fire 25% faster for 1.5 seconds, but it will also alert the target to your presence. 5 second cooldown.

    Q: Intel Transfer: Give allies Intel about your target in a small radius. They will have this Intel for 3 seconds. 10-50 Intel will give allies 20% damage reduction from your target. 60-100 Intel will grant allies 25% damage boost to that target. 110-150 Intel will grant 40% lifesteal, and 160-200 Intel will reveal the enemy to your allies. The field that gives Intel will last for 3 seconds. 10 second cooldown.

    F: Shadow Shift: Teleport into a targeted wall, blending into it and becoming damage immune. You gain Intel at a rate of 10 every 0.2 seconds while in the wall and near your target. you stay in the wall for 1 second, but this can be cancelled. 8 second cooldown.

    Ultimate: Masquerade: Target an enemy and steal their identity. You will appear as them and they will appear as you. The enemy team can now hurt their former ally. This lasts for 5 seconds. After this time, you will have maximum Intel on this enemy.

    Still in progress, but tell me what you think!


    Breaking Lie Low with your weapon will grant 30% damage reduction for 2 seconds.

    Intel is generated 25% faster.

    ASSASSIN: Pocket Shot
    The first shot hit in every clip will deal 150 bonus damage.

    NIGHTCRAWLER: Shadow Shift
    You can fire while in Shadow Shift.
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