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Thread: Screen Freeze At Beginning (Paladins Response)

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    Lightbulb Screen Freeze At Beginning (Paladins Response)


    I just noticed you were playing from India.

    We have identified an issue with the connection route from your ISP to our servers.

    At this time we are working on a solution but we do not know when it will be resolved as we have little to no control over these networks.

    You can test if a VPN program such as WTFast to get around this routing issue:

    We apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused.

    Best regards,
    Hi-Rez Studios Customer Support

    Now I didnt Try this myself because right now my game started working fine Again by itself but those who are still facing problem try and let other know if it works or not


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    THis is a solution i came up with and it worked for many!! try it as well

    Also if u got a black screen then try this

    Launch game start clicking on first screen comes up after pressing play keep clicking till u got ur game working

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    Just when you have that grey screen push f11 twice ans it should work. What this does is that it toggles the fullscreen mode

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    Game lag on Georgia logo, wait for 1min to fixed it,

    EAC error i dont know how to fixed this.. Tried everything, getting this error often..

    After victory , sometime victory pose cant be visible black screen error

    Sound error lag(machine gun fire sound bug nonstop)

    Im getting this bugs after update ..

    Note:sorry for bad English and I dont know i post in the right THREAD xD

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