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Thread: Resillience against Khan Ult

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    Unhappy Resillience against Khan Ult

    First and foremost this thread will not explain that Khan is OP or something like that, actually I still consider him as one of the low-tier tanks.

    This thread is about the effect of resilliece against Khan. Resilliece 3 should have 90% CC immunity which means the duration or distance of CC should be greatly reduced.

    It's not the throw I'm complaining about coz that one is bugged and the distance of that throw is really far so I won't be surprise if reducing 90% of that throw will still result for you getting throw far.

    My complain is the time Khan can hold you...

    Most of Intelligent Khan players won't actually throw you, instead they will hold you and let his team finish you off while you can't do anything.

    I have resillience 3 and Khan grabbed me for more than 5 seconds until his allies killed me.

    I mean there should be some limit on how long he can hold you right?

    I'm not saying that the ability is OP or something, in fact I think khan needs some re-work...

    My point here is that Grinding resillience 3 for that situation is kinda useless if it doesn't take effect on the hold time.

    We buy items to counter some Champions. Pls apply them correctly.

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    especially for a 1 button press instakill, the fact that resil doesnt do shit against it is indeed, a bug, if its intended, its stupid.

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