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Thread: Is coming out of beta really a good idea?

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    Quote Originally Posted by EpplZ View Post
    Why would anyone play any fps on console... ???
    I know, right? I can't comprehend what is going through console players' minds.
    The most useful kind of teammate is one who dodges all your heals and walks into enemy bullets.

    Plat II, do I finally have some credibility now?

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    Back to topic now, guys.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stesc5 View Post
    Tbh im such a bad player with a gamepad that aim assist is totally irrelevant. Seeing my age i know why lol
    But yeah, i have fun on console, as i have on pc.
    I'll buy a switch soon, if you wanne console fun will be there

    I did pay a dime for this game, because I support good decisions

    golden quote : "OB64 did come out because of the responses we got during the PTS cycle"

    Glad for OB67, now that we are back on track, work on the Matchmaker please!!!

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