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Thread: [SEA] Looking for People to Play Custom Games!

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    Oof, forgot that I changed the invite links some time ago. Invite link is now updated ^^
    "What's the difference between arrogance and pride? Lifespan."

    Frontline/Support Main
    Fav Champion: Lian

    Preferred champions for each class:

    Tank: Fernando, Inara, Terminus, Ruckus, Makoa, Torvald, Barik, Ash
    Damage: Lian, Cassie, Sha Lin (in training)
    Flank: Zhin, Talus, Buck
    Support: Mal'Damba, Jenos, Seris

    To all SEA players, feel free to join our custom games (includes ranked-style draft siege)! More details HERE

    Go HERE if you want to watch me being sucky

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    Got kicked for no reason, very good choice of mods right there.
    Edit: No joining back cause they keep kicking

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