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Thread: [PS4] match end screen bugs + miscellaneous bugs

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    [PS4] match end screen bugs + miscellaneous bugs

    • Since there is no outline to tell you where are you selecting you can't tell if you're hovering over Account XP, Champ XP, or Battle pass XP to "toggle details" on the rewards tab.

    • You can't open the profile of another player on the scoreboard tab. If you switch to the rewards tab after previously being on the scoreboard tab another "toggle details" prompt on the bottom left side of the screen will appear but tied to the X button, if you press it it will open the profile of the last player you were hovering over on the scoreboard tab.

    • Not sure if its only me but every time I login I receive Viktor's soldier+ skin.

    • After playing some matches you won't be able to select anything on the champion screen, you can't edit your loadouts or customize your champion as no skin will appear on screen

    • If someone fails to press X to join a match the screen will freeze and the camera on the main menu will bug out for a few seconds.

    • Sometimes when customizing a champion on the champion screen if you switch to the emotes or MVP poses the champion will stand in T-pose.

    • The game will randomly switch your current champion for a different one if you press X to try to customize you champ on the match selecting screen, also there's a "select champion" box that is unusable which I believe is only for the PC version of the game.

    There's also this other bug which I find hard to explain but this video here does a good job at it:

    Not sure if these bugs are also on Xbox one but since both versions are similar it is most likely to be.
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    I'm getting these exact same bugs, especially where no skins appear at all and you can't edit any of your champions loadouts (PS4)
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    I too am having an issue with not being able to select the customization options/loadouts. I can change the tab/pages on every champion I select but not the options that come with those pages. Very odd, frustrating as well. I believe every 3 games it stops working?

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    Same thing , the issue is still going and nothing is being said about it. Sucks pretty much. 3/4 times someone gets crashed from a game. You know this cuz when you have a bot it’s eusualy because it crashed. There are a few lags idk why but there sill laggging

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