While Mal'damba's bugs aren't the most gamebreaking, they are very common and extremely annoying.

1. Mal'damba's Gourd has weird physics, like Willo's Seedlings. It seems to bounce off of the floor when it shouldn't, lands of surfaces it was thrown over and just doesn't feel super consistent.

2. Sometimes Mending Spirits will land on an ally, play the sound for a hit, go on the full cooldown as if it landed, but doesn't heal. This happens a couple of times a game, and can be the difference between someone dying or living. Happens most often when allies go around a wall just before you heal them.

3. The loadout card Ritual Magic doesn't work at all when using the talent Wekono's Wrath. I'd assume Possession doesn't either, but I haven't tested it.

4. Sometimes Mal'damba's ultimate just doesn't work. It fires, but enemies don't get feared. Happens most often with walls and corners.