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Thread: Crazy overpowered talent ideas

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    Evie :

    Cold soul: blink now deal 100% of enemy's missing health if you blink forward them or pass them or behind them, a victim die with blink will gain 300% more cold down respawn
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    One Punch Man - Defiance now instantaneously kills any target it hits, breaks and goes through shields, has it's range increased to 2000 units, and the hitbox is increased by 300%

    Ping Pong Master: Reversal's projectile deals 100% of the damage absorbed and should Androxus take any damage, Reversal is activated and the damage is absorbed.


    Terrorist: Shatter causes Illusions move 30% faster towards enemies. The detonation has a 100% increased blast radius and deals 3000 damage. Illusions no longer heal allies.


    American: Barrage now has one target, but launches 500 mortars at that location dealing 1000 damage each.


    For Bronze V Scrubs: Lex now requires 0 skill to get 40 eliminations a match and always gets POTG... Wait a minute.


    To the Moon...literally: All of Ash's abilities deal 3000 knockback


    Nope: Whenever an enemy champion attempts to get within 100 units of you, a wall is deployed in front of them.


    When you go paladins with your mates: Strix now takes 100% less damage when using the Bold Bird emote. All friendly players can join Strix in using Bold Bird and gain the same damage resistance. All enemies will suddenly become confused.


    The Hottest Man Around: Looking at Fernando for 3 seconds will cause you to be stunned and unable to look away. You also light on fire. Because that's a thing.

    So Hot: Fernando is now permanently on fire.


    You Dare Challenge Makoa?!: All enemies within 50 units of Makoa during Ancient Rage are feared. Makoa's Dredge Anchor is now on a 0 second cooldown during Ancient Rage.

    All Supports:

    No!: If any friendly player uses VHS three times in a row, the Medic (from TF2) slaps them in the face dealing 500 damage and shouts "No!"
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    Dagger Cut - Each dagger deals 250 more damage and inflicts a Bleed effect which damages the target for 10% of their maximum health over 3 seconds. Healing is reduced by 75% for the duration of the bleed.

    Through the abyss - You can attack and use any ability during Shadow Travel, it lasts 10 seconds longer, activates instantly and has its cooldown reduced by 5 seconds.

    Upgrade - You can upgrade your turrets by standing near them. Upon being upgraded they deal 300 every second. You may deploy up to 3 turrets, they never miss and have their cooldown reduced by 5 seconds.

    Overload - Rocket Launcher now shoots at the speed of Salvo, has 500% more clip size, the rocket's AoE is increased by 300% and deal 250% more damage to shields.
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