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Thread: Some talent Ideas

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    Some talent Ideas

    Swift Shadows: Netherstep is now instant (acts like an Evie blink or Kinessa Reposition).

    Contest: Your Ultimate now grants you and your allies CC immunity while standing in the Flag (only CC immunity, not Damage immunity)

    Semiautomatic Turrets: Your turret now shot every 0.2 seconds, dealing 40 Damage per hit. (400 dps with both turrets), but Turret’s cooldown is increased by 2 seconds.

    Bomb King:
    Air King: Enemies hitted by poppy bomb receive 35% more Damage when airborne (The Damage increase is active when your enemy is in the air knocked by poppy bomb. The Damage increase ends when the target touchs the ground. This mechanic was present on a Cassie card for CD reduction on her Knockback).

    Sharp Shrapnels: Your shotgun now shots 5 Shrapnels that deal a total damage of 820 (has the same dispersión than normal shotgun)

    Falcon: Your Ultimate grants you 35% increased damage on Crossbow, and charges 25% faster.

    Bloodshed: Enemies marked with Fire Spit (on direct hit) receive 100% more Damage from Salvo on Direct hits, but no bonus if the rocket hit is not direct.

    Frigid Ward: Ice Block now grows a field when activated that Stuns enemies for 1.5 seconds and deals 300 Damage if they’re inside of the field when Evie leaves the Ice Block.

    Hot Pursuit: Charge now Stuns enemies for 1.3 seconds

    Ghost Totem: Your totem is now undestroyable, but it’s cooldown is 3s longer.

    Natural Order: Flowers Cooldown is decreased by 3 seconds, but now your weapon deals 500 fixed damage.

    No Trespassing: Impasse now has 11000HP and it’s maximum size is increased by 50% (increased size does not affect the “cutted” walls when you deploy it in doors or anywhere in where isn’t enough space to deploy full wall)

    Cosmic Gift: Through Time and Space now also heals Allies for 2400 and Charges 30% faster.

    Minefield: Opressor Mine now also slows enemies for 40% and deals 50% more damage.

    True Justice: Lex is deleted from the match lol. This talent is an obligatory choice. Choosing other talent instant crashes the game for everyone and Match is cancelled.

    Throne Heiress: Grace now fires a shot to the last direction aimed by the player before Dashing that deals 600 Damage.
    (This is complicated. Before using Grace, imagine you are aiming at “Point A”. When using grace, you fire a shot from the Ending position of the Dash. That position is called “Point B”. Your shot goes in a Straight Line from Point B to Point A, independent of where were you before dashing.)

    Pierce: Pounce is now Area Damage and goes through enemie. Also applies an independent bleed effect that deals Damage Overtime, 500 Damage through 5 seconds.

    Dredge Master: Your Dredge Anchor now has a little AoE, and can drag multiple enemies.

    Drink Deep: Gourd now heals instantly 650 hp to everyone in the zone when activated, but no longer deals damage.

    Snack Reserve: Now has an Ammo system, 50 ammo for the spray and 8 for the Spit. Reloading will restore Ammo for both heads and will heal you for 1000. You can only reload once every 4 seconds.
    (The reload animation would be similar to the Ultimate animation)

    Evasive: Weightless Cooldown is decreased by 2 seconds and now provides you 90% Damage Reduction and CC immunity, but you cannot use your weapon or abilities during Weightless.

    Greased Engine: Your Miniguns now always have a 0,04s Fire rate, without need of charging.

    Abyss Will: Restore Soul has no cooldown, but it heals 25% less.

    Sunset: Heat Haze grants you CC immunity, no longer reveals you while shooting, and chargers 15% faster.

    Shadow Runner: Moves 50% faster during Hidden and grants CC immunity.

    Tactical Granades: Flash-bang charge is restored by 50% if an enemy affected dies within 3 seconds.

    Steady Fist: Blitz Upper is now AoE and Has a bigger Collision size. (the old Punch)

    Restoration: Receives 40% increased healing from other players.

    Kinetic Field: Your shield capacity is increased by 1200.

    Corrosivity: Fire Bomb now denies all healings, but deals 40% less Damage.

    Bayonet: Colliding with an enemy during hustle makes Viktor deal 500 Melee Damage and be knocked back in the opposite direction he attacked.

    Resourceful: Your ultimate summons a single drone consuming only 50% of Ultimate charge.

    Chaos Spore: Seedling Marks enemies for 4 seconds, receiving 30% increased damage from your weapon.

    Ilussive Bound: Shatter no longer consumes the illusions, and it doesn’t make them move. Enemies hitted by Shatter are slowed by 50%. Cooldown increased by 6 seconds.

    Retreat: Billow now gives Stealth for its duration.

    I was bored AF, don’t judge me.

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    I love the Evie one, that could be awesome.

    The Seris one should be at least 50% nerf on healing in exchange for consistent uninterrupted healing?

    Ying's might be a little strong, assuming an invisible shatter mirage chases you and you have no control over knowing where it is, when it'll hit etc..

    Makoa would decimate everyone with this, too strong. Got any other ideas? Considering everyone hates the Anchro used against them.

    Ruckus' one might be a little too underpowered, it doesn't take long to spin the guns up. Perhaps add a passive bonus?

    Damba's is cool, sort of like Pip's Healing Potion.

    Some great ideas here. Certainly not strong enough to be game breaking, and some I would love to see in game. Have some rep, and 5*.
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    My favorite was the Androxus idea, it could be too strong, though. I dunno.
    About Evie, giving a flank the ability to stun is too much (see Mcree), maybe a slow would be more convenient, and you could add this effect to Reprieve instead of making a new talent.

    OP ones: Buck's, Fernando's , Kinessa's , Makoa's, Seris', Sha Lin's, Terminus'.

    Weak for a talent: Bk's, Talus' (can't compete against his other talents), Viktor's (you better stay away from your targets as Viktor), Lian's, Ruckus', Willo's (it could be strong i low elo matches though)

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