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Thread: Looking for players for E-Sports team

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    Looking for players for E-Sports team

    Hey! I am starting a team, Crimson Tears, and we are recruiting players!.
    I have prior experience with e-sports and I can setup scrims for when our team is big enough.
    Personal stats:
    Lvl 75
    400 hours
    Gold 1 from last season
    West coast NA

    Requirements (exceptions can be made)
    Age: 13 at least (no exceptions)
    Hours: At least 200
    Gold 5 and up (Last season)
    Must have mic

    We will practice Fri-Sun 6-9 pm PST

    If you are interested, here is the link to the discord server. Let me know me you have any questions!

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    Last season I finished in Gold V
    Mic: Yes and I do have discord
    West Coast NA (California, U.S)
    Is this for pc or console..on both I was gold V(PC) and gold 1(console)

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    Hi, I would like to join, my stats:
    LEVEL - 54
    AGE - 16
    HOURS - 150 ( Only playtime )
    MIC - Yes, and I have discord, skype, teamspeak.
    I'm from EU
    I play on PC
    My e-mail:
    My IGN: AlzaAlienkiller

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