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Thread: Vivian buffs or rework needed.

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    They need to incorporate the drones into her kit, outside of the ultimate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EvieIV View Post
    what she needs is her deployable to actually have an use
    Quote Originally Posted by EssenceStudio View Post
    Here is What she needs

    -Full Shield- I will argue That the whole hit at her feet thing while good against Some Characters, Sucks against, Snipers, and AOE Blasters. Make it a Full body shield and maybe lower the time the Shield is active. The CD for the shield is already pretty big so it should be fairly Balanced

    - Sensor Drones(enhanced)- IMO I think That Sensor Drone Should Stay relativity the same With a few added Features.
    Number one they should have an Attack. Now I'll explain, When In The Range of the Sensor Drone Not only will reveal Them the Drone will also start to do damage in the form of a 3 shot burst for 351 every 0.7 seconds. Also When in a Drone's Range the character will be crippled while in the area. This will actually make the sensor Drones an actual Threat. Also for balance Reasons, The Senor CD will be increased to 12s And Joyless Eyes Will become {7.5|7.5}%(this might be too weak) Note The Cripple will not work when upside down, or on a wall.

    Her Gun while having a lot of Ammo really isn't that crazy strong, maybe annoying at best, Plus she moves really slow while shooting.

    Iron Sights is Just Iron Sights Doesn't really need a change. I do Propose That Only when in Iron Sights her Damage Drop-off is lower.

    While her Ultimate is Powerful its not that much different then a Typical Ults. Although it technical lasts forever, in a normal Match your drones will maybe last a round and a half, before Dying from random Shots.

    Are you guys serious? a DAMAGE champion, with a shield, whith a reveal ability. and an infinite ult that is also aoe so you can easly hit behind corners

    Vivian is basically everything stupid and unnecessarely overpowered in ob64.
    She needs a full rework, maybe increased recoil and mobility instead of iron sight

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    Quote Originally Posted by m69 View Post
    Are you guys serious? a DAMAGE champion, with a shield, whith a reveal ability. and an infinite ult that is also aoe so you can easly hit behind corners

    Vivian is basically everything stupid and unnecessarely overpowered in ob64.
    She needs a full rework, maybe increased recoil and mobility instead of iron sight
    I'm Not sure you understand Her shield Actually isn't that good;

    1.It doesn't cover her whole body(Snipers and Aoe Blasters don't even have to worry about it)

    2. Its Has Such a High CD for how useless it can be(a 13s CD for a 6s ability that will maybe last 2-3s at most before being destroyed).

    3. It is countered by wrecker very, very hard (Drogoz with wrecker has the ability to one-shot the entire shield)

    Also Like I said Before Vivian's Ult will only last maybe a round and a half before being destroyed just by trash damage. Her sensor mine really are not that strong, in fact, I will argue that its the weakest form of reveal in the game(excluding all card reveal effects)
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    No one ask for a Vivian buff because she is meant to be for newbies who think Viktor is too hard. Just smurf an account in low lvl (<40-50) and you can see she is performing surprisingly well

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    Quote Originally Posted by CandySuxxx View Post
    She also needs a different weapon sfx. Whenever a Vivian is in the game all you will hear is:


    Its annoying af.
    Oh god you remided me the first few weeks after she was released and OP. In every game that was all I heard. ALL THE TIME.
    But more on the subject:
    - Change the shield. Make it full body, but more narrow so that you can hit her faster by flanking her sides.
    - Give her more mobility but at the same time lower a littlebit the dmg (or decrease blast area) from her drones Ulimate.

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    I personally think Vivian doesn't have a place in Paladins. She doesn't fit in, it annoying, she's just another hitscan. Every Vivian ever just stand in one place holding one button and getting free damage until challenged (except she doesn't need to reload much if at all), her Ultimate is completely unfair in a game where most Ultimates don't give you an insane damage buff for infinite time if left alone and generally last a few seconds at most. She's a peril on console, and for good reason. She takes no aim, no skill, and everything about her kit is just a scream for incompetent people to feel good when they melt a tank without trying.

    Idk though, she's just the only part of the roster who I fundamentally disagree with, but I can see why she's there. She doesn't need a nerf, she doesn't need a buff. We all know what buffed Vivian was like, we don't want that again.

    Rework: Make it so she has to reload by reworking her cards.
    Make her ultimate have a 'charge', so when used a small indicator comes up, and every shot from the drones drains it, as it they have a power supply.
    Change her shield around to something useful, maybe like a knockback or stun.
    Her reveal is fine, I think it's useful considering a lot of other champs have one or can wit cards.

    Ying was removed for a very long time just after release, so why can't you do the same with other champs who just aren't representing the game in a way that a lot of players don't like?

    I think my main source of resentment towards her was having to fight her for 2months at full power on PS4 without even a hotifix to nerf her. The constant firing of her gun still gives me PTSD.
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    Vivian is just one of those low tier champs. She's never going to be great in higher tiers without a rework and without being OP.

    It's fun to run max movement speed vivian... combine it with damba and torv for more movement speed and she'll be able to outrun a lex and stomp... until she gets killed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stroyent View Post
    Ever since Vivian was added a lot of people hated on her because she was "overpowered", yet here we are with a champion that is bottom of the barrel when it comes to tier lists and hardly picked in competitive matches.

    No mobility, shield that takes taken down in 3 shots or 1 if enemy has wrecker and quite a bit of damage falloff. She gets destroyed by any flank that knows the basics of flanking,hell even by most damage dealers.

    She gets no love because she competes in a game where you have BK , Lian , Cassie , Shalin that do what she does with more ease and more effective.

    Buff Vivian, either bring back her original 220 damage per shot or rework some of her kit. I hate how champions like her and Skye get all the hate and almost never get to be played because they are overshadowed by the others.

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