Do you crave more than that silly in-game competitive?

Do you want a team you can build a relationship with?

Does the thought of being in a big official Hi-Rez tournament frighten you?

Are you a North-American, European, South East Asian, or Oceanic Paladins player?


Allow me to introduce you to the Paladins Community Competitive League. This is simply a non-profit organization created for competitive Paladins gameplay, meant for players of all skill levels! One main goal is for this project to bridge the gap between in-game competitive and the official Hi-Rez tournaments. Another goal is to simply bring this large community closer together through competitive gameplay!

Here are a more few reasons to check us out:

• Prizing for top spots!: The next season of our league is going to offer crystal rewards to the top teams of each region (hopefully each skill division as well)! We're talking 800 per player to the first place team, 600 per player to the second place team, 400 per player to the third place team. Wanna get your hands on some crystals? Here's a great opportunity for you to do so!

• ANYBODY CAN BE A TEAM LEADER!: The only requirements are following the rules, getting four other players to join you, and reporting match scores! That's it! It's as easy as pie.

• Divisions for all skill levels!: We are hoping to add skill divisions, such as Bronze, Silver, and hopefully Gold, into our league! (DISCLAIMER: This is dependent on how many teams will sign up per season.)

• Near-worldwide accessibility!: Our league currently includes North-American, European, South East Asia, and Oceanic regions! These regions will be expanded even further in future seasons to include such regions as South America.

• Ease of access!: PCCL is much easier to join than larger esports organizations. To create a team, simply head to our entry page and fill out the "CREATE A TEAM" form, then hop into our discord server and create an "LFP" post (if you don't have a team of your own already)! If you are looking to join a team, simply hop into our Discord server and create an "LFT" post! Teams searching for players can look through "LFT" posts, and players searching for teams can look through "LFP" posts.

Come join the Paladins Community Competitive League today, and become part of a wonderful competitive Paladins experience!


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