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Thread: Willo rework?

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    Lightbulb Willo rework?

    Hey Ive got a bit of an idea for a willo rework and I wanted to post it and get some feedback so here it is:

    reduce health from 2200 to 2000

    greatly reduce the size of her hitbox such that her wings are not included

    reduce cooldown of flutter from 10 seconds to 7 seconds

    increase her base movement speed to 390

    willo now has a passive drift ability when holding the jump button mid-air

    replace scorched earth(her least used talent) with a talent called "godmother" which makes it so that wand of overgrowth heals for 165 when hitting an ally
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    Yes, me likes this.
    Drifting with Willo makes alot of sense, she has wings! And the talent seems really good, healing bit by bit. Or put the healing in deadzone maybe.

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    I like the idea, and in addition they could also create a savoir-faire or shrewd class, for champions like Willo, Pip or Moji or even Khan, who can play multiple roles.
    There's no need to reduce her health though, almost every supp has 2200 and so does Moji.
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    one thing about willo annoy me her anti flank build is rly bad damager
    her anti tank and solo damager build is rly bad against flanks

    nightshade for example its rly good talent to kill flanks and survival vs them.
    but when we use that against flanks we lost a rly good skill which is belong to mid and obj "dead zone"
    and if we go for nightshade they we can not have blaster flower which is rly good item vs tanks

    both of the ways have problem, a good anti flank is not a good damager and tank killer or support destroyer
    a good point murder and make support useles cant stand vs flanks

    maybe they need give deadzone a passive damage like 600 or 500 and rework nightshade or something

    one other thing its seedlings
    they are rly good in low tier and even OP just same as skye ult. new players rly dont care about sound and bombs but when it become in high tier and pro or at least ppl know basic things about paladins will never hit by seedlings its rly ez skill to avoid.
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    Ive been asking for the passive drift since ive started playing her :P

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    I like this idea, the base speed and the passive drift would really be great changes.

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    Yyeeeessss that drift would be liiffee
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    Yeah I guess I'm not good with the widest range of characters but hey

    And can we please have more Inara epic skins, emotes, and poses? D:

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    Great Ideas especially the drift one, but I gotta disagree with the new scorched earth rework/replacement. A damage champion healing their allies is just out of place.
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    Nightshade I think it's her best talent, at the moment. The only that let her survive against flanks. The point is, if she focused flanks, she's useless on point and we already know that her dps is super low.
    So, leave it untouched and use Blast Flower number as her basic kit. Instead, rework Blast Flower into something more useful than the dps she should have as base.
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    Tbh I'd love to see blastflower changed and her base weapon damage increased. She falls behind the 2 other blasters because they simply hit harder all the time. I liked the addition of Nightshade, it offered her some decent burst and also gave a second card that was viable. Prior you HAD to use blastflower because she needed the extra damage. Seedlings only kill people with no reaction speed/awareness. Scorn would be more viable if it was 50% less fuse time and not 25%.

    But her base weapon damage needs to be improved. I mean, she competes for the same spot as drogos and bk on a team. Drogos can 2 shot 2/3rds of the champions out there, has amazing mobility and faster projectiles. BK can zone out with grumpy better than she can with seedlings (and that stun can change games if it does hit) and can 3 shot most champs. Both also have match winning ults.

    It's sad how long she's been meh and they haven't buffed her. Even their commentators referred to her as a troll pick during the last tourney because she's so noncompetitive.

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