hello my name is deverok and i am making a team. in this team we look to play in tournaments, scrim and have people to play with.


play in eu region
account lvl 150+ (exceptions can be made)
speak english so we can all understand
diamond 5 last season and this season
have a mic so we can speak with one another
be available to scrim 5 days a week for 2-3 hours (this may increase over time)

we need to scrim a lot to get used to playing with each other and to get better basically. when we have a full team we can discuss what time we want to scrim, most of us have collage or work so its better to chat about it.

so already we have:

main tank: n/a
healer: raain
main dmg: n/a
flex: deverok
flex: n/a

if you fit any of these roles then great. we want two flex players because the meta is changing all the time and double tank meta is falling off. flex player is simply a player that can play anything without question.

so thats it. if you want to try out dm me, comment or message me in game (Deverok115) and we can set a time to try out. if you have any questions leave them in the comments and i will answer asap. Thanks