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    Booby trap Vivian guide

    this is guide how to play vivian while using booby trap, not any other of her tallents, as i have mostly used this tallent for vivian becouse it is more fun than the others and also is effective


    the cards you should preffer in your deck are:

    lvl 5 one step ahead-this card is a must use for every vivian deck in my opinion, it gives you a free nimble 3 and it helps a lot with vivians not having a movement ability, it gives her a enought of speed to relocate and retrat quick enought.

    nowhere to hide-this card should be in your deck as it allows the booby traped sensor drone to reveal enemies, it makes you extremeley powrful against any stealth targets as after you have bombed them they cant use stealth, also it can help you deal with finding flanks or suports who you got with the bomb to finish them off. try to put as high of an lvl you can on this card after the others.

    lvl 5 crack the whip-this gives you 30% lifesteal against enemies you have bombed and if you want to use this card you must use nowhere to hide, it gives you more advantages in a fight as not only the enemies have 600 less health but you also get a free lvl 3 life rip for a moment against them.

    controlling nature-this is nice to have so you would have a smaller cooldown on the sencor drone for more traps

    there are also some other cards wich some you could use by replcaing controlling nature or crack the whip, i put the cards in an order from what i beleve are the best from the worst wich i didnt mention:

    Numbed Heart-just some extra max hp can always be useful, using lvl 5 can save you from 2 sniper shots
    Scapegoat-gives you a bit of damage reduction till the shield falls, it is nice but doesent stay for long
    Runic Ammunition-you could use this card and get some output out of it, but if you are dealing with shield tanks sapper rounds might be a better choice
    Unchecked Ambition-if you need more ammo can use this card.
    Plans Within Plans-it gives you a bit of sustain, but it is exactley a bit, quite small amount.
    Eyes on the Prize-to be honest i dont see much use for this card, becouse if you can controll your recoil you dont even need it.
    Contingency-this one is not the best as when the enemies see that you have a shield they wont shoot it, but i guess the increased healt could help sometime
    Unfair Advantage-also for this one people will quickley understand that your shield is up and they sont shoot it
    Hidden Reserves-better use unchecked ambition if you want ammo, its more effective with more % and you dont need to aim
    Informants-if you use this with booby trap, you need nowhere to hide, you also need to kill the enemie in 1-5 sec and then you only maximaley get 500hp, not worth it
    Joyless Eyes-with booby trap it is useless as you dont use it as a reveal
    Lightweight Alloy-this is literaly the worst card for vivian, there is no reason why you should get your scope up faster as you can still shoot while scoping


    generaly-with this build you should have great map knowlage, to know where are the best spots for the bombs,
    also she is better in more closed off maps with many walls and some stairs,like brightmarsh,jaguar falls and serpent beach
    but her worst maps are ones with highground and open areas,like timber mill,ascention peak and frog isles
    with this vivian build you want to be in medum range to your enemies, not too long so you would do no damage, and not too close so they can kill you quickley, but against some champions you can kill them easley in close range.
    sometimes you can do a falnk to get behind the enemies, and use your kit to get a bit of damage on the enemies.
    she excels at 1vs1 as with her bomb and shield she has more advantages, and vivian wont do well if a lot of enemies focus on her.

    using her weapon and precision sights- generaly by using your weapon and precision sights you lose movement speed, vivians weapon has a lot of dps and can kill someone quickley, but wach your ammo as vivian has a long reload and reloading in the middle of a fight could be realy bad, if you are reloading while somene is on you but you still have ammo in your weapon you can use sensor drone to cancel the reload.
    the precision sights will make you more accurate but dont over use it as it reduces your field of view by a lot, in close reange you should definatly not use it, also when using precision sights start shooting before you start scoping in it will give some more damage.
    and also when there is nothing in your sights or you need to relocate dont continue shooting just move without shooting and using the card that gives you a free nimble 3. it fells like that it is a bit slower than vistor using hustle.

    deflector shield-delector shield is a good suvival ability, best is to use it while enemies are shooting at you, as they wont expect the shield and hit it instead of shooting you at your feet, also you should usualy not use the shield before theenemies hit you, as if you do they will quickley understand that you have a shield and shoot your feet.
    also beeing at the bottom of stairs is an advantage for vivian as when the shield is active its hard for the enemies to hit you. and using the shield while you are at windows also makes it imposible to get hit by enemies.
    and if you are running from enemies and they are shooting at you sometimes it could be better to look at them with the shield and walk backwards as it will give you a higher chance to suvive.

    sensor drone(aka the bomb)-you should use 1 bomb to protect a flank route near you and the other one to iniciate fights or put them in places the enemies WILL go to, or you could also throw it on the point, or in a cluster of enemies to annoy them.
    hen you use it agresivley, you usualy want to use the bomb before you fully engage an enemie or to throw it behind a wall where an enemie is or if they are chasing you and you go behind a corner throw it down there to knock them away from you a bit and maby even gat the kill on them, dont use it in the middle of shooting the enemie as it wont have much diffrence.
    you can also sometimes use it for its knockback value, while it is not strong it still can knock someone, like a sniper off the highground making them a quick kill, or put it in a pathway wich is near the lege and see yourself getting a kill then they walk over there.

    sentinels-you should better use it as an tyra or buck ult not a passive, use it as a quick way to quickley kill anyone in theyre team or presshure them out with a lot of damage. dont expect to have this ultimate for long as it is quite easy to kill the sentinels, or the enemies will just focus you becouse you have the op ult.

    you want to firstly focus on wreker or caut depending on the situation
    but you will sprobably use caut as with booby trap vivian tanks are not your main focus.

    then you can get morale boost, nimble or life rip
    use life rip when you need more sustain, morale boost if you need your ultimate more to kill enemies quicker and nimble to become the fastest champion it the realm (without caunting movevent abilities in)

    if for some reason the enemies have no tanks and healers, and none of them have strong enought self sustain, you could go deft hands, as her reload is slow and with 5 damages/flanks up your butt, realoading could kill you a lot
    also just using any defencive item (or blue items if you preffer that) for any situatin as your 3 or sometimes your second item is fine
    but i sugest NEVER use illuminate its pretty useless when you got bombs to reaveal that sky strix or sha lin.


    mostly the blast characters are your biggest threats
    evie- she is one of the hardest counters to vivian, she is hard to hit, has blast damage, and can teleport or soar to avoid your bombs, best is to keep some bombs near you against her and make the knockback disorient her for a bit.
    drogoz- if he has his full kit ready you are dead, if he doesent and you have a shield, you can probably kill him .
    bomb king- he can easly get bombs behind you and blow you up, but you can use the shield to block his grumpy bomb(sometimes).
    willo- she is quite powerful against you as she can use deadzone to block all of your lifesteal and willo doesent have a high damage dropoff and can shoot behind the shield.
    maeve- the same as evie she is hard to hit, but she will have a harder time to hit you with the shield but she can pouce and go throught.
    koga- while he isnt the best to kill vivian,he can just dash trought the bombs and take no damage
    lian-she will probably be pain in the ass with both caut and wreker, but you can kill her if you get a bomb before she hits you

    but mostly flanks arent her highest treats if they dont have a lot of fast movement and tanks are easy to shoot down with vivians high dps.
    cassie-she could be problematic,if she gets the burst off and avouids your shield but you should be able to outdamage her with a bombs help.
    tyra-with 30% or more movementspeed you can outrun the fire easly, and you should outdamage her as vivian and tyra have similar dps but tyra is less acurate.
    makoa-he will have both a harder time hitting you with his weapon and his hook, but if he hooks you if you have the shield he will have a hard time killing you and you will be able to escape.
    inara-if you are in a 1vs1 with her and she has no one healing her you can win, also escaping her wardes field with vivian is easyer as she has a lot of speed with one steap ahead and you dont realy have a movement ability that trecherous ground could distrupt
    skye, strix and sha lin-if you get them with a bomb they are easy prey as they have nowhere to hide (pun intended)
    talus, lex and andro-becouse of theyre spam weapons they will have a harder time hitting you not the shield, and most of the time you can melt them quicker
    victor-you have higher dps than him so a duel would be more on your side but his grenade doese some problems, also by walking a bit backwards if he ults you, with your shield you can take no damage from his ult.
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