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Thread: Make synergised champions.

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    I never played with them lol and i already deleted it, but iclike the concept.

    Xayah is a good damage while Rakan can dash to allied and give them shield. Rakan is Xayah's BF so he can dash 2 times longer for her and give her 2 times more shield.

    Xayah is good as a solo damage while Rakan is a bad support without Xayah.

    It would be mostly a teamwork strategy in Paladins

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    What he means is not something like 1 character that controlled by 2 people. It's a 2 different character that skills of them benefits each other like when they together, they are strong, but when they solo, they are just somewhat usefull... Like anime fighter twins. For example: Ultimate skill, they need each other to use it in full potential in execution, 1 ready and pressed it, and 2 is ready and pressed it, a special ultimate skill happens but when they solo, they can do their own ultimate skills or even when they together, a second press can execute their own solo utimate skills. When they together, they could buff each other at 100% but others are like 25%, one buffs others attack, other buffs the others defense... Kinda stuffs...

    This is the synergised characters means...
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    Ok, I got the concept now. Kinda like, for example, Khan's shield would have more health if Lian was on the same team, and Lian's would get a 10% reduced damage buff if Khan is on the same team.

    In my experience, that's not a good design. Like EinMeister said, Xayah is good on her own but Rakan is bad support around Kayah. When you design this kind of champions or heroes, you have to balance them considering both "with X" and "without X" so you'll always end up having to even things up. You either get one situation overpowered and the other fine, or one situation underpowered and the other fine. You can aim to the "middle goal" but the concept rarely gets well implemented.
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