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Thread: PC LFG thread

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    EST ::: weekends - 9am-3pm || weekdays - 8pm-12am (sometimes depends)

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    Hi There

    I'm looking for a consistent group to play with to get better. Not competitive yet, but would like to be. I like playing tanks and supports

    Name: Sivgar
    Region: NA
    Availability: (Pacific Time) Weekdays 8pm - 10pm (will have more availability in a couple of months), Saturday All day (usually), Sunday 9am - 2pm (usually)
    Can use whatever VOIP, Judicator03 on Discord
    PC not console


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    Exultance Gaming is building a Paladins team and we're looking for people to fill out our roster. We're NA based.

    We'll start out competing in the weekly ESL tournaments and move on to play in the PGS once we're ready.

    The two of us running the team have been playing on and off since launch of the game, so we've seen it change 100+ times at this point.

    Right now, we don't care much for your rank as long as you're dedicated and get on when you're supposed to. We can work together to make everyone better.

    We have an odd schedule and we play late, but nightly between 9pm and 12am est.

    Add me on discord or steam if you're interested.

    discord: OrLeX#3584


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    [PC/NA] New player Platinum 1 looking for casual/ranked teammates!

    IGN: lvl99bot
    time: a lot
    New Player here. Just reached lvl 21. I have very limited champ pool but i am good at few. Just got platnium 1 in ranked solo queuing. Looking for any nice/chill player of similar skill to play with casual or ranked!!

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    IGN: Notomi
    Region: NA, but I've been told by friends my EU ping is really good.
    Availability: Ever changing. I probably won't be able to play weekdays past 7pm EST, though. Earlier is fine.

    I'm a longtime, diamond rank player (just for reference) and I just wanna find some people to play with. I can use voice chat sometimes, if you'd like. Though I prefer casual, competitive is fine as well. I can play whichever class I need to.

    Note though: please don't use any sort of bad language or rage. If you slip up, that's fine; but don't do it on purpose.

    If you'd like to play, feel free to send me a PM here or just add me in game and let me know! Thank you for your consideration!
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