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Thread: Matchmaking needs a serious reset

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    Matchmaking needs a serious reset

    Just look at this game... To matchmaking it looked fair because of our teams higher elo overall... but these players were really bad compared to the enemy and just had high elo from playing lots of siege or something like that. I also healed quite a bit more than enemy healers but it made no difference...

    When I looked at the guy with the highest elo who was probably the reason for this game being so unbalanced I saw this.

    Really 46% win rate and ranked 3000 in siege, this is why so many games are just plain unfair. It needs a hard reset and rank should be based on win rate and not how many games you play, I think the game modes getting split into classic and arcade modes before has a lot to do with this and really screwed up matchmaking after removing cards unbound.
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    yes it's no fun at all since last patch. before it was already terrible but now literally unplayable.
    just being teamed up with feeders vs pre-made teams etc.

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