Denarius is like your classic magician - card tricks, rabbit in the hat, etc. - but in his case, the tricks are real magic fueled by a crystal pendant. Denarius was always stressed and sensitive, because due to what his tricks were, people often believed they were fake and it was hard to convince them otherwise. But when the Magistrate decided to take crystals from the common folk, that drove Denarius over the edge. Those magic tricks were pretty much all he had going for him and without his crystal pendant he would have to resort to tricks that were fake, proving the nonbelievers right. So Denarius decided to adapt his magic to a more... deadly style and to join the Resistance to fight the Magistrate. Though even his allies are a bit scared of him due to his unpredictable behavior and mood. Don't make him angry, or his next trick might just be making you disappear.

Health: 2350

LMB: Razor Cards
Denarius throws sharpened cards at a high velocity every .6 seconds dealing 600 damage. No damage falloff, but the cards will start to drop after 60ft. 16 ammo, the 4th, 8th, 12th, and 16th card are Aces dealing an additional 50% damage. 1.5 second reload where he pulls out 1 card and launches many cards into his other hand creating a new deck.

RMB: Rabid Rabbit
Denarius pulls a vicious rabbit out of his hat and throws it. If it hits an enemy it clings to them and gnaws on them inflicting 500 damage and fear over 2 seconds. If the rabbit misses, it will try to hop towards the nearest enemy for up to 3 seconds, but it can be attacked if it's on the ground, which will instantly destroy it. 7 second cooldown.

Q ability: Deadly Flock
Denarius releases a flock of Stymphalian birds, which have metal beaks and sharp metallic feathers. They fly forward and assault the first enemy they encounter, inflicting 800 damage and carrying the victim backwards 15ft. If they collide with a wall the victim is pinned to it for 1.5 seconds, rooted and crippled but still able to act. 10 second cooldown.

F ability: Hat Trick
Denarius disappears into his hat, allowing him to slide around with 100% bonus movement speed for up to 3 seconds. His name and health bar disappear to enemies when he does this and he can't be revealed, but his hat is still visible and he can be forced out of the ability if the hat takes 1000 damage. Damage to the hat does not carry over to Denarius. 7 second cooldown.

Ultimate: Bottomless Pit
Denarius selects a 40ft diameter area on the ground, then he charges for 2 seconds, during which the selected area is indicated to everyone by a visual effect. A pitch black hole then opens up in the ground for 1 second, sucking any enemy directly above it in executing them instantly. Resurrection, CC immunity, damage immunity, and death preventing effects are all negated if they fall into the pit.
"Now to make you all... Disappear!" with the pit opening at the word 'Disappear'.


Ace in the Hole:
If an enemy dies within 2 seconds of being hit by an Ace, Denarius gains 6% ult charge for a kill, 3% for an assist. Aces now deal 100 extra damage.

Unstable Bunny:
Rabid Rabbit now explodes when its effect ends for an additional 500 damage in a large area. Enemies hit by the explosion move 30% slower for 2 seconds.

Angry Birds:
(yes I just made that joke and no I feel no shame for it) Stymphalian Birds now always hold the target in place after 15ft, and they now attack enemies near the victim for 300 damage per second. Also the initial victim cannot receive healing while affected by the ability.

Hat Trick now grants the ability to free fly and Denarius can use his other abilities in hat form, but not his primary fire. Hat Trick lasts 1 second longer.

Some voicelines:

Game start:
"For my next trick I will need a volunteer! Anyone...? No? Oh well."
"Let us make our foes disappear! It is my specialty."

Primary fire:
"Pick a card, any card!"

Generic kill quote:
"And... Poof! They're gone!"

"Good job, my assistant!"

Low Health:
"Hey healer! I don't want to disappear!"

"Ah... Feels like magic."

Low health escape:
"Whew, managed to Houdini out of that one."

Taking damage:
"These guys don't seem to like my tricks!"

"Watch your head, there's a sniper!"

Enemies above:
"Look out, death from above!"

"Can't magic my way out of this one..."

"And I'm back. Fools thought they actually killed me."

So that's Denarius. A bit crazy sure, but nothing too strange for this game. What do you think of this concept? Any feedback is appreciated.