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Thread: New Strix Legendary

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    New Strix Legendary

    When I look at Strixes legendary cards or.. talents.. i see that 2/4 of them are about stealth.. i think Nocturnal should stay because right now this one is my favorite because it is the most useful.. anyways and i think Ambush should go. There shouldn't be 2/4 talents about the same thing. I think instead there should be a talent where you fire faster or you scope is better or something. That would make strix a way better champion and i think everyone would like this.
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    I feel like Ambush is definitely the one to go, unless they greatly reduce the initial resource needed to get stealth'd i don't see how it could measure up to the other legendaries/talents.

    Ideas for other Talents i had, most of which are outrageous:
    - Dealing damage grants you a mobility buff at 100:1 ratio (1200dmg = +12%) that stacks up to X0% and lingers on for X seconds.
    - Increase ultimate charge rate. Flashbang no longer blinds enemies, but stuns (or maybe silences) them for Xs.
    - While below XX% health, your stealth is un-detectible (attacking will still cancel it).
    - Following a target with your scope for 0.X seconds will apply a (secret) debuff to them that stacks up to 3 times and increase damage taken by your Talon Rifle.
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    sure make an OP champion even more OP by giving him more dps/better range i have an idea remove his stealth but get's more health that would be a bit more fair
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    What do you think about this?
    One Shot: If the enemie's remainer HP woulden't be more than 300 after strix' powerful rifle shot, it deals +300dmg.
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