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Thread: New Talent Suggestions!

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    New Talent Suggestions!

    New Talent Suggestions!

    Since they're releasing new Talents soon, let's get some ideas going!

    (Names are not AS important as what the Talents do)

    Feel free to comment with your own!

    Pip: Potion XL- Healing Potion has 50% Increased healing, radius and projectile speed.

    Talus: Fists of Fury- Blitz Upper now has 3 charges, travels 20% further and allows vertical movement.

    Bomb King: Boop King-Poppy Bomb can now store up to 3 Charges and deals 50% Increased Knockback to Enemies.

    Ying: Replicate- You can have 3 Illusions active and the cooldown of Illusion is reduced by 1s

    Ying: Restoration- Targeting an ally with Illusory Mirror will heal them for 80 health per tick.

    Ying: Refraction- Illusions now also heal allies in a small radius for 300/s

    Terminus: Desecrate- Massacre Axe now swings in a 360 degree arc around you

    Any Support Champion: Divine Radiance- Your abilities can not have their healing reduced

    Any Front Line Champion: Highlander- You gain 1000 HP and you can not be stunned or slowed.

    Vivian: Hold the line!- You Reload 60% Faster and your weapon shots grant 20% LifeSteal.

    Fernando or Makoa: Devoted Defender- Shield/Shell Shield is now toggleable; after 1s of being inactive it will regenerate 800 HP/s (If the shield is destroyed it goes on cooldown)

    Fernando or Makoa: Offensive Defense- You can use your Inhand while Channeling Shield/Shell Shield, but it's duration is reduced by 25%

    Any Champion with a Shield: Impenetrable- All Weapon shots and abilities deal their base damage to your Shield.

    Tyra: Untamed- Gain 30% Movement Speed while Hunter's Mark is active, and killing your target resets the cooldown.

    Tyra: Give Them Hell!- Crossfire charges 15% Faster, lasts 1.5s longer, and has 100% reduced Spread and Damage fall off.

    Skye: Time's Ticking!- Time Bomb charges 15% Faster, has a 15% increased Radius and deals a flat 3000 Damage to all affected.

    Grohk: Ride The Lightning!- Tempest Charges 15% Faster, heals all nearby allies, and heals for twice as much.

    Vivian: Meet my Friends!- Activating Sentinels consumes 50% of your Ultimate Charge; Sentinel Drones now last 5s, can not be destroyed, and you gain CC Immunity and 50% Damage Reduction for the duration.

    Strix: No Scope- Talon Rifle can be fired with 100% accuracy while not scoped in, dealing 800 damage per shot.

    Kinessa: Prodigy= You now scope in Instantly and your sniper shots charge 15% Faster.

    Ash: Boop Machine- Kinetic Burst now has 3 charges and has 30% Increased Knockback

    Androxus: Marksman- Your Revolver now deals 500 Damage per shot, and it's Recoil, Spread, and Damage fall-off are reduced by 50%

    Androxus: Nitro Express- Revolver is now Full Auto and shoots one round every .9s dealing 1000 Damage.

    Lex: Desert Eagles- Magnums are now Full-Auto and now deal 500 damage every .5s and deal 50% Additional Headshot Damage

    Grohk: Shaman's Grace- Healing Totem has 40% Increased Area of effect, 2s Reduced Cooldown and can not be Destroyed.

    Lian: .348- Presence can now store up to 3 Charges.

    Inara: Divide and Conquer- Impasse now has 3 Charges and can not be destroyed.

    Maeve: They're Blind!- Midnight Consumes 60% of your Ultimate Charge. Enemy Ultimates can not be Activated during Midnight.

    Cassie: Go Zigs!- Scout is now Toggleable; consuming your Ultimate Charge at a rate of 5%/s with an initial buy in cost of 5%, but no longer Increases your Movement or provides CC Immunity.

    Grohk: Shaman's Might- Increase your Max HP by 600 and Reduce the Cooldown of Ghost Walk by 3s

    Grohk: Shaman's Fury- Lightning Staff has 100% Increased Distance, and can now target 2 enemies, but consumes overheat twice as fast when doing so.

    Fernando: Not Yet, Amigo! Immortal charges 15% Faster, restores 2000 HP and affected Allies can not be brought below 3000 HP for the duration.

    Fernando: Inferno- Flame Lance has 15% Increased range; Eliminations Recharge 100% of your Overheat.

    Ruckus: Recycler- Eliminations Refund 100 Ammo and reduce the Cooldown of Missile Launcher by 50%.

    Skye: Tactical Retreat!- Hidden has a 3s Reduced Cooldown, and you gain 50% Movement Speed and heal for 400 HP/s while in Hidden.

    Skye: Chemical X- Smoke Screen now has 3 charges. Affected Enemies are damaged for 3% of their Max HP/s; affected Allies are healed for 5% of their Max HP/s

    Kinessa: Escape Route Ready!- Transporter now has 3 charges; Teleporting through Transporter Restores 60% of your Max HP and Refills your Ammo (10s)

    Jenos: Solar Flare- Astral Mark now has 3 charges, but has a 50% reduced duration

    Jenos: Corona Aurora- Astral Mark heals for 20% more, and lasts 20% longer. Applying Astral Mark heals you for 100 Health per second over 12 seconds.

    Mal'Damba: Drink Deep!- Gourd now has 3 charges and 100% Increased Healing, but no longer Damages Enemies.

    Kinessa: Gun & Run- Increase your Movement Speed, Reload Speed and Carbine Damage by 20%

    Ying: Fracture- Shatter now has 3 charges; Shatter explosions now heal allies within 100 units for 50% of the damage caused.

    Maeve: Pounce House Pounce now has 3 charges, heals you for 300 and deals 25% more damage.

    Strix: Ghost Feather= Eliminations refill your Stealth Resource and heal you for 400.
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    theres to many op talent

    you must consider to tuning down

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    why do you want evreything to have 3 charges?

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    for mal'damba, maybe you could have his slither go into allies and heal them for a certain amount

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