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Thread: Aim Sensitivity Settings, Aim Assist, Problems, and Solutions PS4

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    Post Aim Sensitivity Settings, Aim Assist, Problems, and Solutions PS4

    It's interesting how no one is mentioning about their aim sensitivity settings after the hot fix had occurs. I tried to find info from many sources such as Reddit, YouTube, the paladin forums, etc. but no one seems to be talking about this. The most common thing people are talking about currently on here is how much people hate the new hot fix, but failed to explain how to actually fix this issue. More about this later.

    FIRST, here is my aim sensitivity settings
    X axis sensitivity: 40
    Y axis sensitivity: 40
    Turn Acceleration Strength: 6
    Turn Acceleration Mode: Classic
    Inner Dead Zone Size: Medium
    Outer Dead Zone Size: Small
    Magnet: 0
    Friction: 0
    I would love to hear your aim sensitivity settings that actual works for you. Please use the format that I'm using for max clarity. My aim sensitivity settings is trying to be like the default settings from the pre-hot fix. It isn't 1:1 just like what the main paladins website said. My aim from these settings is decent, but not as well as the old default settings. If someone has something more closer to these ratios, would love to hear them.

    SECOND, my problem with the aim assist is it seems that it is an indirect nerf to the Classic Settings and just a direct buff to the Dynamic settings. I understand that not everyone is going to use the Classic Aim, but the people that do including me is going to have a hard time to find the perfect aim settings. I personally tried Dynamic and even Precision Mode and made many changes to see if my aim has got better with the many matches I had in casual. Well it turns out that it isn't working out for me even through the extensive trial and error method I been using. I ended up losing six casual matches consecutively until I realize that my best bet would be to go back to Classic Aim Mode. But just because my experience with this new aim assist mode is bad, that doesn't mean other people's experience is the same way. Another reason I was losing is because other people's aim were significant way better than mines. Examples are people playing with Buck, Strix, Kinessa, Cassie, etc. and by looking through the kill cams, it was shown that their aim were on point.

    THIRD, solutions to this problem is to create a second default settings in which would be from the pre hot-fix where people can choose from the two. I honestly don't understand from the main paladins website on why there isn't a 1:1 ratio from pre to post hot fix. I know I'm not the only one and I seen from other posts to be the case. Also, some people have suggest to scrap the new hot fix all together since it is nerfing people's aim from the old default settings and awarding people who can actually play with the new settings which I believe is difficult to use. Lastly, make sure to communicate to other people on forums or wherever on which aim sensitivities works best for you. There could be settings people can adjust to that can make the hot fix more enjoyable.

    IN CONCLUSION, the hot fix is not the worst thing in the world, but it definitely needs to be addressed because I almost quit the game because the amount of frustrations I had missing my shots that I normally shouldn't be missing. Thank you for your time reading this and love hearing back from you. Have a good day.

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    They don’t care about console players.

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    Uhh yeah it took me 5 days of bot matches and going in and out of the pause menu plus custom matches with a friend just to find mines which I still need to get used to so..... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    So many times I came so close of throwing my controller across the room because of this terrible Aim Assist hot fix, even restoring default settings does not work, it returns it to the last previous change "you" made. They need to fix this issue or I'm seriously going to delete this game off my ps4.

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