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Thread: Do NOT listen to the advises

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    No reason to look up youtube videos for a game like this you don't have to learn complex combos or anything like that.

    I'll say this and this goes for just about any class in Paladins, Overwatch or even Team fortress 2 except for maybe the tank sometimes.

    It's all about positioning in games like this. You always want to be in a place where you can deal the most damage while taking little if any at all.

    If you're a flank you want to take a route to get behind enemy lines (take a different route every time mix it up keep the other team on their toes) and in back of them. From there you want to make it so that you can do damage without taking much and also keeping in mind a quick escape route if needed.

    If you're damage try to get on a higher floor than the enemy so it's much safer and from there just pick them off for free damage while being on the look out for their flank.

    As a healer pick your spots and don't get too obsessed with putting the most damage numbers on the board to the point that you're taking the damage instead of the tank. You're not made to deal out tons of damage you're made to heal your team. You should be healing as much as possible your healing ability should usually stay on cool down. While it's on cool down hang back and get your damage.

    Tank is tank. Just make sure if you're a tank and your about to die run away and find cover till cauterize runs so your healer can heal you in full.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neravarine View Post
    Not its not, and how in the 7 hells you know is the team good or not b4 you start playing ?

    I dont but 2 fights are more than enough to judge a team's skill, actually even 1 fight can be enough to know how good a player is, most players dont change much in the same match unless they have a crazy adaptive playstyle.

    Some Supports are good as being pure healers like Seris,Pip because of amazing burst heal while Jenos is the worst Support to play as a pure healer, terrible Heal Per Second that often doesnt save anyone you are just better not healing & going mostly Damage,FLank with him.


    -Ruined the Matchmaking

    -Reduced most card customization.

    -RIP flanking Tanks with no mobiltiy now

    -Teleporting unhittable players in every match

    -Sniper CAssie & Ash, Bombking can destroy you even in cover with No aim.

    Why am i even playing this game anymore?? Literally the worst patch but hey you can grind those Diamond Chests for free Skins & feel pride in destroying under 30 level players who buy deft hands against a 2 Support team

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valkure View Post
    So, I'll go for self sustain.
    In fact I had the same tendency with my healers before OB64. Cards for maximum heal removed from decks while cards for survival were added. With Jenos luminara, self-heal and life drain, with Grohk more HP and the "you get a shield when low HP". Maximum heal output is useless when you are dead, it's better to heal less but survive. Also more fun.

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    Yes, try to say that to average comrade. I spend most of my time quarreling, than fighting. The best part? They blame you for not going full heal loadout, but none of them is wasting even 5 sec in helping you, when obviously focused.
    Every time someone is helping the healer, the team wins. I've seen this 100% of times.
    I've finally found it!

    New to the forum? Have a look >>>here<<<! Some useful answers.

    They read it! >>>here<<<

    MM community questions are here! >>>here<<<
    And how the MM seems to work, by Epplz >>>link<<<

    Revert the nerf. And see the Math. link

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