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Thread: The Matchmaker Conundrum 2.0

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    Quote Originally Posted by EpplZ View Post
    I'm better than many with my level 3 inara on smurf
    Unfortunately, those level 30 in team with me are not smurfs, but the level 30 in enemy team are...

    We need a MM reset. It is simply dead.
    I've finally found it!

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    Some thinks about fair ranked plasement and matchmaking

    Hello everyone, I want to tell you some stories about my ranked experience in season 2.
    First of all, I complete first season at gold 1. After Qualifying 2w/8l the system gave me... silver 4. Ok, it's not so bad, now I played about 250 games and reached gold 1 again. I wont write about unfair placement, without MMR issues, it just a begining

    But today I (after my way) meet with ... guys who played them FIRST ranked game. E'x me, WHAT?
    There is that game at paladins guru
    Some ppl can think about im so low, or that guys are smurfs, and its all ok. But that site is mistaking with some information, and here the true pic
    What the difference? I guess if you understand main things, you will understand, this players a cant play ranked with.... gold? oh wait, they have first win, mb they deserve some MMR points? I mean, if they will be lucky, Qualifying will end at gold or plat, BUT ppl, who will play with them dont deserve them as teammates. And they dont deserve play with more skilled players, just cause they dont understand HOW to win. I guess you all play ranked just for win?
    What to do? Nice question, dont hesitate to comment and propose your vision about same problems. And sorry for my bad english, tell me what i need to correct

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    I got this in under 2 minutes.

    I think you all can imagine how this ended. Like in what world was this fair to the enemy team. This is a good example of why my paladins play time has seriously slowed down

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    I decided to stop playing ranked for sometime, as another match like this would cause me to demote and reaching Diamond V again is very hard.
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    Honestly, just use hidden mmr for 50/50 win rate matchmaking only below diamond. People at or above diamond don't need mm handicaps to retain them.

    The idea is new players need to be sheltered, and if someone makes it to diamond they don't need that shelter anymore.

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    Guess how many games it takes from Silver 1 to get Gold 2 with a 70% win rate?? 42!! this includes 1 division skipping.

    Once you drop lower its next to impossible to climb back even with a very high win rate as you need crazy amount of matches, this is gold rank not some diamond or higher where it would be ok to require that many matches...

    I would need to play atleast 30+ matches to get back to my starting season plat 3 rank if i get around 70% winrate that is..

    Rank gain,drop is too quick at start so there are players that get higher ranks quickly with luck & have to lose many many games to drop while other players get a bad streak & the MM makes it impossible to climb back because rating increase gets too slow after some time..
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    Nothing is like the lvl0 strix on Brightmarsh

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    You guys keep talking to a wall it seems.
    Just don't tell me you dislike terrible matchmaking because now we have Paladins on nintendo switch and it is of course much more important, so now you can have this terrible matchmaking with these trash matches on one more platform.

    I'll just leave this here because I already log in, but it's of course gonna be my last post since it's obvious to me that it all is just a huge waste of time

    "How matchmaking properly handles parties"
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    omg ,wtf is this?? bronze players supposed to play with grandmaster? what??

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    Day 78 since post was made:

    - Tons of people raging about match making in this thread and making their own threads that repeatedly get locked.
    - No signs of intelligent life working on fixing the problem other than a non-HiRez employee saying they're working on it.
    - Platinum/Diamond LATAM players who are the equivalent of Silver NA players are still ruining competitive in NA with their high ping times, terrible game play, and lack of communication since they can't speak English.
    - Still diamond getting paired with Silvers against Diamonds and Platinums in Ranked making it impossible to advance in rank.
    - Still no solution for people leaving game and becoming bots in Ranked resulting in team losing TP since bots are worthless.
    - Diamond still can only queue with one other person platinum and up, but still get paired in games with bronze, silver, and gold players.
    - Game is out of beta and still functions worse than Realm Royale that is in Alpha.
    The Insane

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