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Thread: The Matchmaker Conundrum 2.0

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    You know, I think one of the fastest way to help solve this is to simply show MMR during champion selection and at the match end scoreboards. this way, the community can accurately gauge whether the match was balanced or not. with more accurate feedbacks, the devs might be able to do more
    I don't like Cards Unbound
    But then again I'm just a filthy casual

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valkure View Post
    In the past, a user no longer in the forum, had written a completed guide in how to implement a way to give MMR according to your personal performance AND the victory/loss of the team. So, yes, there's a way.

    Your friend is still gold. When I see the frame on picking screen, gold is what I see, not that if it's Gold 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5.
    I never said there wasn't a way, I said it will have a bad effect on the way the game is played. I've seen it elsewhere.

    I'm saying there hasn't been enough time for masters to drop that far. Low diamonds who stopped instantly after CU announcement are only just dropping into gold.

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    If borders mean nothing on Casual mode remove it from loading screen, people insta panic if they say masters-gms on another team

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