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Thread: Quick reminder about currency generators!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wallachia View Post
    Do realize, tho, that HiRez has a mean to track the origin of all crystals in game, and people who use the services of those crystal generators will unavoidably have their accounts banned.

    Most of those sites are NOT fake.
    Walla, can you please put this somehow sticky? I think it's a thing every new player (that not necessarily had joined the forum), should be able to find in no time with a simple google query.
    I've finally found it!

    New to the forum? Have a look >>>here<<<! Some useful answers.

    I'm tired of repeating the same things, watch this: link

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    I gave Alyssa an email about the Instagram account ones, and she said she was sending it to HiRez's legal team.

    Hopefully they are able to take action against the accounts, and any other websites etc.
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    In my opinion this generators works well.
    But only in youtube videos xD

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    Just think about it, All ways to get crystals with out a payment are iligal. The site i know is exualy a nice way to grind and is 100% legal to use is uproar. You will get daily quests there aswell, Complete em you will get upraor points. With this uproar points you can buy crystals for in game
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