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Thread: Sometimes Viktor isn't throwing his grenade when not cooking.

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    Sometimes Viktor isn't throwing his grenade when not cooking.

    I played a lot of Viktor lately and i realised that his grenade disappears and the cooldown resets
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    That's strange, it never happened to me...

    But there is another annoying bug with his grenade, in which when you cook the grenade and an FPS drop kicks in RIGHT AT the moment you hold down Q, the grenade will just disappear with no damage dealt. The grenade cooking animation doesn't even happen he just keeps holding his rifle even though the grenade meter pops up.
    Worst part is that the grenade will still go on cooldown when the meter is depleted or when you release the Q button...

    Also, not quite sure if this is a bug or it just happens to me by some freak way, but hustle cancels out randomly as well when it's in use. Met my end many times because of that...
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