For everyone who takes competitive seriously, you understand my struggle. To start off, the matchmaking system is broken. I’ve seen platinums being placed with bronzes and even no ranks? I know being placed in a high rank doesn’t really mean it automatically makes them a good team player, but I think it’s unfair for both sides of the situation. Also, I think the rank decay is a little too much... I was above gold V with a goal of reaching platinum but lost about four rounds in a row (thanks to the matchmaking system) and got demoted a rank.. now I’m at silver and I’ve never been so disappointed in my entire life. It’s absolutely frustrating when you’re trying your best and your team doesn’t even know what they’re doing half of the time. Two days ago I was placed in a match with a non-ranked player who admitted that they recently started playing Paladins. Of course, ended with a loss.

Please fix your game.