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Thread: Possible Ying Buffs

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    Possible Ying Buffs

    First of all, I'm very sorry for my Grammar and/or my English. (cuz English isn't my first language)

    Let's get started.

    I want to add a few buffs in her kit. One of them is her Illusory Mirror and Shatter.

    Illusory Mirror -

    From this - Fires a continuous beam for a short period that deals 5 ticks of 90 damage over .2 seconds every .5s. Effective up to Medium Range.

    To this - Fires a continuous beam for a short period that deals 5 ticks of 95 damage over .2 seconds every .5 seconds. After reloading, Ying drops a fragment from her mirror (max 3 fragments). If Ying attack the fragment, her basic attack will split into 2 beams from behind the fragment that deals 3 ticks of 50 damage over .3 seconds every 1.5 seconds. Effective up to the Medium range. Beams from fragment can trigger other fragments that deal +60% bonus damage to the first enemy hit. Enemies can destroy the fragments with 3 basic attacks.

    Ying second buff is her Shatter.

    From this - Shatter all active Illusions, causing them to chase down enemies and explode for 500 damage.

    To this - Shatter all active Illusions and Fragments. Illusions will chase enemies down and explode for 500 damage while Fragments will deal 300 damage. If there are 2 or more Fragments, they will deal 350 damage, apply Stun for 1s and apply Slow for 1.5s after the Stun.

    Ying last buff is her Dimensional Link.

    From this - For 4s, swap locations with the furthest illusion. If none are deployed, it will take Ying to the location of the last active Illusion.

    To this - For 4.5s, swap locations with the furthest illusion or fragments. If none are deployed, it will take Ying to the location of the last active Illusion or fragments. If Ying teleported to her illusion, she will be healed for 250 for the first illusion she teleported to, heal 150 after that. If she teleported to her fragments, she will gain CC Immunity for 1.5s and 400 health shield for 2s.

    Also, Ying is secretly the (worst) best support. Good bye and have a nice day everyone

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    That would be a rework, not a buff, she needs a buff, not a rework, I think buffing her healing by 25% would be fine

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    How about increasing her Illusion health scale and +25% bonus healing for the first target that got healed by her illusion?

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    She just needs to be unnerfed. Revert Dim Link nerf. She'll be fine.
    A detailed explanation here:
    Please, do a forum search, before opening new thread, and join the older ones. Make Wallachia happy.
    I've finally found it!

    New to the forum? Have a look >>>here<<<! Some useful answers.

    They read it! >>>here<<<

    MM community questions are here! >>>here<<<

    Revert the nerf. And see the Math. link

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    I think a little buff would enaught for her:

    Reduce Dimensin Link's cooldown from 14s to 11s
    Increase the healing quantity from 350 to 400
    Increase shatter's damage from 500 to 600

    It didn't worth to explode her illusions instead of let them heal, especially with this increased healing ability described above.
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