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Thread: For Those Torvald Players Who Are Confused About Alternating Current

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    Talking For Those Torvald Players Who Are Confused About Alternating Current

    So Alternating Current seems to be shit because it just increases the duration of Recharge but not actually giving more shield. That's the first thing i thought of that card, and because of that, I never have used it once before. But because of FrostFangs latest video, it all makes sense now. Recharge generates 2150 Shield over 1s. It means that, as you're using recharge, you are continuously gaining shield in that period until it reaches the limit. Alternating Current basically doubles that recharge duration, making you continuously gain shield for like 2 or 3 seconds, but the shield still has the same limit. Hows does that help, you ask? As what is shown in FrostFangs' video, it basically acts as an "invincibilty state" where, even if the entire team is shooting at your ass, you're still regaining shield over the duration, even when its destroyed the first time. This makes Torvald an actual frontline that can take a lot of damage and capture the objective, which is fucking great. Hopefully this thread helped you out. Here is the link of FrostFangs' video that ive been talking about

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    I thought this was obvious....

    Anyways i don't normally use recharge anymore. Because i find semi flank torvald more fun lol.

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    That works just if you have the card that increases the production of the shield. And if they have wrecker usually there is a bug with nando's flamethrower, vivian's weapon and i think ruckus that implies this: After the shield is consumed, you are going to lose hp, like it was shield and with the bonus damage added by wrecker, it only works for personal shields(Torvald and Ruckus)

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    Of course. Torvald would be overpowered if he didn't have a defined maximum capacity for his shield. But yes, Alternating Current is still very useful for the health gate.
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