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    Red face Pact here

    Hey the names Pact. I am a bit of a veteran player i just now joining the forums. I joined the game a couple years ago, maybe summer 2016 if i had to guess. I am 100% sure its more then 1 year ago.

    How i got my name: When i was joining i was trying to type in everything that i defines my personality. Nothing worked, everything i thought cool was taken. So then i was watching Netflix one day and on one of the programs someone said "lets make a pact, here and now" i thought to myself 'hmm pact, it sounds cool to me' typed it in and got it. It means "a formal agreement between individuals or parties."

    My real name is TJ. I am 23 years old. From the Eastcoast, USA. I only speak English. I am a YouTube addict, always on it. Thats it for now. Hope to see you ingame. Add me if you wish, always looking for new friends.

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    Welcome to the forums, Pact!
    "The strength of the team is each member, the strength of each member is the team..."

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    yarrr pact, may i make one with ya so i can take down that filthy, deckswabbing barik ?

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